January 21, 2022


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Kovit – With Omicron, you are infected for 9 days: Is 7 days isolation enough?

Isolated rules are questioned by a study after a positive test for covit and especially for the omega variant. Descriptions.

Omigron Turns everything upside down. The South African variant, More infectious but less serious, concerns World Health Officers who are new orders Control measures. Nevertheless, a Vaccine Seriousness prevents return to concentration in hospitals, Infectious Nearly 300,000 new cases registered in France this Sunday appear to be out of control. In other words, another 300,000 were dispatchedIsolation.

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Covid: 296,097 new confirmed cases and 90 more deaths this Sunday, January 9 in Berbignon Hospital, France.

Spread to 9e Day

The rules are clear. If you are positive, you should isolate yourself immediately:

– For 10 days Unvaccinated Or people with one Incomplete vaccination scheduleThere are possibilities to end the isolation after 7 p.m.e Thanks for the day Antigen test or negative PCR.

– For 7 days Vaccinated For a complete vaccination schedule. With the possibility of lifting the isolation in 5e Thanks for the day for the negative test.

Activities in question by a study conducted in Japan And Published on the website of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases. According to the findings, The Virus load Polluted Variation Omicron Reaches its maximum level within 3 to 6 days Diagnosis (positive test) Where The onset of symptoms. A viral load is still in the body up to 9e Day. In other words, You are contagious so far.

“Sample collection date for diagnosis or symptom onset was defined as day 0. Viral RNA levels were high 3–6 days after diagnosis or 3–6 days after onset. Significant decrease after 10 days “, Refers to a “small” study of 21 people.

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Is it appropriate to release contaminants after 7 days of positive testing? That has been questioned by many visitors on social websites.

“An important study (Japan) shows that # Omigron, Infectious virus loads peak within 3 to 6 days after diagnosis / diagnosis.

Many people go back to work / school when their infection rate is high. Thanks, CDCgov https://t.co/W3qbRLB2UX

– On the science page (oteCote_Science) January 9, 2022

New research!

Want to stop being isolated in 5 days with a neck rapid test?

No. Many people in T5 are infected!

In this (small) study by the Japan CDC, the load of PEAK virus went to the 5th day!

– 50% had a possible virus in 3-6 days
– Almost 20% more in 7-9 days!

Check it out first!https://t.co/9PmR6kercu pic.twitter.com/ZIR54qdFRt

– Michael Mina (michaelmina_lab) January 10, 2022