October 5, 2022


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Kovit: Omigron, the “special variant” vaccine, the 6th wave and the vaccine pass … What will the epidemic look like in 2022?

Omicron maintains a lasting presence in the delta from the first weeks of 2022 and gains dominance in the delta. In response to this new variation, the scientific team plans on the state of health in the country in the coming months and shares the evolution of the epidemic. France next summer.

Omicron is replacing the cards as 2022 has not yet begun. If the first data on this variation are very encouraging, especially because of it Dangerous nature In addition Weak, Is true The delta is more contagious than the variant, Responsible for the post-Fifth wave in France.

Also, the establishment of Omicron in the country is inevitable and Perspectives For 2022 Becomes clear. Many scientists have mentioned Different types of scenes, From uncontrolled Govt-19 to simple seasonal virus. The Science Council, for its part, shared in its final opinion on December 17 its short- and medium-term forecasts for the coming year.

What is the situation in January 2022?

According to scientists, the government has the first point to make Isolating people “Taking into account the highest exchange rate of the Omigron variant”. Without specifying whether the latter should be more severe or, conversely, less restrained. The Boundary control Can harden.

This question can be decided on Monday 27th December An exceptional Security Council. So we have to move towards one Isolation In addition Court In order to avoid “The disorder of society“Because diseased leaves everywhere because of contaminants. Over 100,000 on Christmas Day, A complete record of the outbreak in France.

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But despite the isolation, the Science Council plans 6th wave from January. It will soon settle due to the Omigron variant and the 5th wave linked to the delta variation will continue without actual rest.This situation can be put to rest. The health system in great tension For several weeks from mid-January “, we read.

It will be needed at all prices in the coming weeks Reduces the proliferation of omigran And take the example of our neighbors (United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark) who have been affected by previous diversity. Thus ordered by the Netherlands New imprisonment until January 14th. Serious action that could affect the country for the fourth time?

Finally, in January we will have to bet on all prices Booster dose More compelling Those who are not vaccinated. Establishing Vaccine pass Thus speeding up the process.

And in the first half of 2022?

Last January, the Delta and Omigron waves will be permanently settled in the hospital and felt in the hospital setting. Throughout the first quarter of 2022, And maybe beyond that. “The Council of Science indicates before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel at the end of March” After this difficult period, the epidemiological situation must improve thereafter, especially The arrival of spring. “

This is where the concept comes into play Joint immunity To come to France. “Every wave joins people with immunizations either through natural infections or through associated vaccine booster programs. This is how our personal immunity is structured. People’s immunity“Scientists say.

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The purpose is not to eliminate the virus, but to keep it from spreading Focus on the severe forms of Govit-19. The social impact of the virus will then become “less significant over time”. Booster doses are of concern only to the most vulnerable individuals. Like the flu.

New “special variant” vaccines

The Science Council sees the development of new vaccines in the coming months.Especially directed against variations“Is administered as a booster dose, which improves the quality and purpose of the immune response.” Includes a large number of variations“, On the horizon Summer 2022.

To these new weapons, “new and more manageable and effective treatments, and especially oral antiviral drugs, should be available in the first quarter of 2022, especially Pfizer’s protease inhibitor PAXLOVID”, adds the latest concept.

Finally, the origin of the Omigron variant shows it The virus can continue to develop beyond our control, The people of the world will be better protected from severe forms, especially through vaccination. Related to the development of new therapies, patient care will be better.

The Scientific Council concludes its predictions with the participation of rich nations in a “joint effort to vaccinate the entire planet” to limit the impact of Govt-19 on the weak and needy.