March 26, 2023


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Kayvon Thibodeaux steals moves, uses chess strategies to hone skills

Kayvon Thibodeaux steals moves, uses chess strategies to hone skills

Indianapolis – Study, theft, and strategy.

this is the way kefon tebodo Approaching rushing passersby. It has worked out well for him in Oregon, so there is no reason for him to stop now. He will go on relentlessly watching a movie of some of the best passing strikers in the NFL and copying what he sees so he can add it to his game.

He also doesn’t shy away from making sure everyone knows it, too.

“I’m kind of stealing from everyone,” Thibodeau said Friday at the NFL Boy Scouts. “I’m a student of the game, so I don’t really have a favourite [pass-rusher in the NFL now], but I like to steal a bit…a little bit of everyone else and apply it in my game and start growing. “

It all started with watching clips online of guys like Willie McGinst when Thibodeau was at Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, California. During his three seasons in Oregon, he’s seen more – from players like Max CrosbyAnd the TJ Wattde Marcus Weir, Chandler Jones And the von miller.

When he saw a movement he liked or wanted to use, he’d work on it in the next training—especially if it was from Miller, whom the 6-foot-5-pound Thibodeaux worships.

“If I don’t move, I will learn how to work with that movement and I will learn how to improve it,” Tibodo said. “I will put it into practice and then I will translate it into the game.

“…I’m a guy who can get her straight out of the movie and can take her straight to the field, so I’ve been able to do that quite a lot. Literally, in most [Miller’s] She moved from the movie to the field and she helped me a lot.”

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Thibodeaux said he studied Miller’s movement and body lean and said it helped him be much better against the Ducks last season, when he had seven sacks and 12 saves to go along with his career high 49 tackles.

Thibodeaux, who said he was just a quick striker in his freshman year at Oregon, said one of the things he’s learned by studying others is the importance of being strategic. He likes to play chess, and likens the game to lane speeding because you have to think of two or three forward moves.

“I am not the oldest man, I am not the strongest man, I am not the fastest man,” Tibodo said. “Just like Von Miller, you have to know what will give you that advantage, and for me it’s my brain that gives me that advantage. I’m a chess player, so I’m thinking going forward. How do I set the game and dictate what the offensive tackle does so I can get What do I want from the position?

“…I mean, you know, chess is life and chess is football. You talk about making your first move, and your first move is going to be preparing your second move, right? Then you have to think about your third move forward, so when you talk about the rush rush I’ll hit you with speed first. I always hit you with speed, speed, and speed. After that, this will set up my strength moves, then my strength moves will start to set up my counter.”

After being named USA Today High School Soccer Defensive Player of the Year in 2018, Thibodeaux became the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. He won the Morris Award — awarded to the conference’s best offensive and defensive linemen as selected by the players — as a sophomore, and was the unanimous All-American last season. He had 19 sacks and 35.5 tackles to lose in 30 games in Oregon.

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He is now a candidate to be the first overall pick in next month’s NFL Draft.

“I think the biggest thing I want to make clear to the teams is that I’m really a student of the game, or that I really love the game,” Tibodo said. “You have done a lot for me. Football has taught me a lot. It has helped me grow a lot during my life. You will be there until the day I die… No matter what I do off the field, football is my main focus.

“Winning the Super Bowl, getting a yellow jacket and being a defensive rookie of the year is on my list of goals.”