December 3, 2022


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Justin Verlander 11 leads Astros to win in ALCS opener

Justin Verlander 11 leads Astros to win in ALCS opener

HOUSTON – The Astros quickly ran out of superlatives Justin VerlanderHis performance in their 4-2 win over the New York Yankees in Game One of the MLS Championship Series on Wednesday night.

Echoes of the “1st Ballot Hall of Fame” and “ace” were heard throughout the Astros after Verlander hit 11 hitters over six innings and only allowed one run.

But what really marked his performance was the fact that 39-year-old Verlander wasn’t as sharp at first, coming off one of the worst post-season outings of his illustrious career, having allowed six hits in 10 in the first game of the class against Seattle Mariners.

The Astros managed to win over Seattle with three runs, at home by a football player Jordan Alvarez, with Verlander in particular showing rust and a lack of drive. However, it was not surprising to catch Martin Maldonado That ace quickly returned to shape when it was most needed.

“That’s exactly what I expected of him,” Maldonado told ESPN. “That’s why he’s a Hall of Famer.”

“He’s not only strong physically, which you can see, but mentally strong,” director Dusty Becker added in praise of Verlander. “This guy, he’s mentally tough. When he’s sad and you seem to get him in trouble, I mean, this guy, he can call her.”

While the star of the stars declined in the second half on Wednesday evening after it Harrison Bader Marking it with a single shot, Verlander bounced back, retiring the last 11 Yankees he faced in a row, with nine punches.

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Verlander’s total of 11 strikes gave him the eighth, double-digit strike action of his post-season career, setting an MLB record. Verlander also became the new post-season strike king, setting a league record with 219 strikes in playoffs, surpassing Clayton Kershaw213.

“I think you saw what a real Hall of Fame pitcher made tonight,” fellow freshman Lance McCullers Jr. He said. “It was a tough start in the DS. You don’t have to go through the bush; it wasn’t a great start. I know he wanted to do better. … I saw him work all week. He felt like he had some tweaks to make, he made the tweaks…at A series where there is only one day away from home, he was able to give us an amazing six roles, and speaks volumes a lot about his identity as a thrower and competitor.”

The Yankees finished the game with 17 strokes, the second-most in a nine-game game in postseason history. With the Astros hitting only twice, the 15 aces difference became the largest in a single match in post-season history.

“He gave us exactly the kind of performance we needed, and I feel like I say that all the time about Verlander,” Jose Altovewho stuck in the longest post-season slump of his career at 0 to 19. “This was a huge victory for us, along with our team, which has been exceptional all season. He set the tone and allowed us to win the first game, which is very important in a difficult series. Like these, and against a great team. Like the Yankees.”

Verlander improved to 5-1 with a 2.62 ERA in nine post-season jobs against the Yankees. This was Verlander’s 15th post-season win, drawing into John Smoltz’s Hall of Fame for the second time ever (Andy Pettit tops No. 19).

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The Astros improved to 10-5 all-time in post-season play against New York, including a record 7-1 at Minute Maid Park.