June 5, 2023


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Julius Jones, prisoner Kim Kardashian is not on death row

Julius Jones, a 40-year-old black American prisoner, was due to be hanged Thursday, Nov. 18, in Oklahoma. But thanks to a strong mobilization led by many supporters, including Kim Kardashian, he is no longer sentenced to death.

Kevin Stitt, the Republican governor of the southern state of the United States, has commuted the death sentence of Julius Jones to life imprisonment in accordance with an edict issued on the site of this conservative government in South America. – United.

Julius Jones has been on death row since 2002, when he was convicted of the 1999 murder of businessman Paul Howell. For nearly twenty years, the prisoner has been claiming his innocence and demanding an increase in his release.

Expressing doubts about the offender’s guilt, the Oklahoma State Amnesty and Parole Board rightly recommended that his sentence be commuted to life imprisonment.

6 million signatures

The case caused a stir among the people United States, Especially condemns a false investigation against the background of racism in the African-American community. A petition against the execution of Julius Jones has collected more than 6 million signatures.

With the support of civil rights associations, Julius Jones also enjoys the support of actress Kerry Washington, basketball player Russell Westbrook and celebrities in particular. Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is engaged

The businessman and reality TV star has helped shed light on the plight of Julius Jones, whom he met in prison last year. In a lengthy message posted on Twitter on Tuesday, he described his detention conditions and condemned the “cold machine of the death penalty in the United States.”

“The government is determined to retaliate and will do everything possible to ensure that Julius is killed, including resuscitating him in the event of a heart attack before execution,” he said.

The case reached the ears of the EU ambassador to the United States, who wrote a letter calling for an end to the death penalty.

Only Oklahoma Governor Kevin Steid (Republican) can change the sentence of Julius Jones. Now if it is possible, despite the mobilization of people and diplomacy, he is still calm and communicates only in writing.

The death penalty has sparked controversy in the state of Oklahoma. The last death row inmate to be hanged last month was shocked by seizures and vomiting before he died. The dangerous product injected is suspected to cause severe pain.

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