June 8, 2023


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Journalist in a car crash live

To this American journalist, it was a great fear to see that “her life passes before her eyes”. Tori Yorke, a journalist with the WSAZ-TV channel, was hit by a car live on television this Wednesday, January 19, in Dunbar, Pennsylvania (United States) for covering a water pipe rupture.

Tori Yorki, who was attacked by an SUV at the start of his duplex intervention for WSAZ-TV, wanted to deliver positive news to presenter Tim Irr, discussing with the latter, as well as all concerned viewers in front of their screens.

“Oh my God! I’m hit by a car, but I’m fine,” the young woman said quickly after waking up, putting an end to the audience’s concerns about her health.

The journalist reassured the driver involved in the incident that she had no significant injuries. “I’m fine, you’re fine, everyone’s fine,” Tory Yorkie explained to the offender.

Live with Tim Eyre admitted that the unfortunate man was the victim of an accident a few years ago, with the difference that the latter was not filmed by cameras. “I actually crashed into a car in college, the same way,” Tori Yorki revealed.

Despite the physical and psychological trauma, the journalist did not bother long after finishing his initially planned statement.

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