March 31, 2023


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Joe Biden insults reporter at White House roundtable

About an hour after the incident, the president called the journalist who had been the target of the insult, confirming that there was “nothing personal” in his response.

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Considered a new mistake or slip? Joe Biden insulted a journalist during a roundtable at the White House on Monday, January 24. When asked by Peter Doozy of Fox News, the Conservatives’ favorite channel, whether inflation can be a political handicap, the leader responded paradoxically: “It’s a huge asset. No more inflation.” I think he might as well have turned off his microphone: “What a stupid son”As can be translated into French “Stupid”.

About an hour after the incident, the president summoned the insulting journalist. “Nothing personal” In his reaction, it provoked an avalanche of surprise and criticism.

This humiliation remained unchanged in the transcript of the meeting sent by the White House on Monday evening. The slide is a new sign of the 79 – year – old Democrat’s tension.

Inflation, unprecedented in 40 years, is affecting Americans, especially less than ten months before the midterm elections, which promises to be particularly critical for Democrats. Monday’s exchange with this president’s usual ponhome, which promises to compromise the United States and avoid the excessive language of his predecessor Donald Trump, was completely different.

Peter Doosey, a journalist known for the sharp tone of his questions and targeted by the president’s insult, took the situation with humor. “No one has yet verified the veracity of his words”, A few minutes later he started his channel. In the evening, Peter Ducey told Fox News that the president had called him an hour after the incident. “He said to me ‘This is not a personal matter, friend'”The journalist said.

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