May 19, 2022


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Joe Biden from Poland attacked Vladimir Putin hard

Joe Biden He did not take off his gloves when talking about his Russian ally. The US president was severely attacked Vladimir Putin In Warsaw on Saturday, he ruled that he could not “stay in power” after his invasion of Ukraine. However, the report was immediately downplayed by the White House.

Came to express support for PolandA country on the eastern border of the Atlantic Alliance and on the border with Ukraine, Joe Biden described the war in the country as a “strategic defeat for Russia” and warned Moscow officials to “not even do it.” [penser] To advance one centimeter within NATO boundaries “.

According to Pita, Putin is a “butcher”.

Ahead of the indictment of the Kremlin master early in the evening, US President Vladimir Putin called it the “butcher shop” for crimes committed by the Russian military. Ukraine. The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded by calling on Joe Biden to be “thoughtful” in these comments, saying, “Each time, such personal insults reduce the scope of the possibility of our bilateral relations with the current US government.”

But the White House host directly challenged the “Russian people” during a speech in front of a thousand people at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. He reassured her that she did not consider him an “enemy,” but that the war in Ukraine, with its atrocities, was not “worthy” of him, adding: “This man [Poutine] The regime cannot last. “What the president means is that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or over the region,” the White House said in a statement: “He is not talking about Putin’s power. RussiaThere is no regime change. ”

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Joe Biden also expressed doubts about Russia’s intentions in Ukraine. Russia’s order came as a surprise on Friday, announcing on Friday that it was “focusing on the main purpose” of the “liberation of the Donbass” tunnel, as opposed to the desire to “militarize and annihilate Ukraine” in Moscow until then. It is not just in this eastern region that there are two pro-Russian separatist “republics”. “I’m not sure” the motives of the Russians, as Joe Biden ruled in the Polish capital, have changed.

In Warsaw, the US president also met with Ukrainian diplomat Dmitry Kuleba and Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov, along with their US counterparts Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin.