January 21, 2022


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Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are offering opportunities for diplomacy on the Ukraine issue

“No Fingering Fingers”, Salon Washington. “There was room for jokes and exchanges of praise”, Promises the Kremlin. Video interview between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, December 7, For an indefinite period of time, was allowed to regain the primacy of diplomacy.

While the Russian military mobilization at the gates of Ukraine raises even more serious concerns, the two presidents have each expressed their expectations. Is this availability for conversation a simple gesture or the first step of a gradual expansion? Basically, the levels are always uncompromising.

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Russia has updated its criticism NATO’s influence in its vicinity is growing And Ukraine’s aspirations to join the Atlantic Alliance, a “Red line” To his eyes. Surprisingly, Vladimir Putin called “Legal guarantees” Excluding both the extension of NATO to the east and the deployment of advanced weapons systems. According to the Kremlin, the two leaders agreed to consult with their advisers “Sensitivity Issues”.

For Moscow, this is an important first step in recognizing the legitimacy of Russian concerns. The result is certainly not spectacular, but after the last few days of dramatization, Russian officials have warned that there will be no decisive improvement until Tuesday evening.

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The Russian president, who was in Sochi on the Black Sea, appeared to have ignored threats of Western sanctions, breaking the practice since annexing Crimea in 2014. “Russian soldiers are in their territory and they are not threatening anyone.”Kremlin’s embassy adviser Yuri Ushakov told reporters. According to the latter, Vladimir Putin would have told his colleague by decision: “As Americans, you care about our battalions in Russian territory thousands of miles from the United States. But we are very concerned about our own security.”

The Russian president said he was ready to standardize working conditions for two diplomatic missions in Moscow and Washington. Joe Biden is a subject who willingly surrenders to the position of experts on both sides.

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Washington’s connection with Ukrainian sovereignty

In Washington, D.C., National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan introduced himself to cameras and reporters in the White House press conference to discuss the two-hour interview. Refusing to speculate on Russian motives, he declined to go into details of the measures proposed by the US administration and outlined the alternative for the coming weeks. The first option open to the Kremlin is diplomatic contact. Here it is “Alternative route”, Lets reduce tension, according to Jack Sullivan.

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