August 18, 2022


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Jean-Luc Mélenchon defends his position despite criticism

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of La France insoumise (LFI), criticized the left for qualification. “provocation” Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan on Saturday, August 6, maintained and renewed her views, reaffirming that.“There [avait] “One China”.

In A Thursday blog postHe made the assessment amid heightened tensions between Beijing and Taipei. “The Chinese will solve the problem among themselves”. In A new post, SaturdayHe says to himself “Expanded” By “Very Strange Reactions” And this “Scream of Turmoil” His critics, while “We don’t want a new war front”.

“What kind of fear reigns in the debate? Where is Mr. Raffarin, the radical leader of Franco-Chinese friendship? And the signatories of the UMP’s cooperation agreement with the Chinese Communist Party? And Fabian Roussel. [secrétaire national du PCF], after his recent friendly trip to China? The bitterness of the former and the fearful caution of the latter baffle me. »

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Claiming “Anisera” France

And to reiterate his arguments: “I have only been repeating the standard doctrine of our country (France, remember) with regard to China since 1965. (…) There is only one China”, “It is regulated by international agreements accepted by our country and UN members”and: “China and the US have pledged to respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

He also pointed out “The chilly reception M. received after his provocationme Nancy Pelosi in Tokyo and Seoul ». The former presidential candidate wondered if they were his critics “I think millennial China will bow to their posture”And points to the risk of looking at Beijing “Get Closer to Russia” While creating “A similar ban between America and Europe “whatever” on the basis of the risk of enslavement and war.

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“Macron’s France has given up on contributing to this world game”He also laments, a “incompatibility” At the heart of Paris’ vision of international relations. Chinese Embassy in France He thanked him in a tweetJean-Luc Mélenchon defends himself by re-posting a sentence from his previous post: “Regardless of the breadth and level of criticism of the Chinese government, we must refuse to condone war on China to appease American views on Taiwan. »

Disagreement among noobs

Nubs in the left coalition, Julian Payo, national secretary of Europe Ecology-Greens (EELV), condemned on Friday. “A Rather Dated View” And “A true cynicism based on geopolitics” Olivier Faure, President of the Socialist Party (PS), Mr. From Melanchon “The Chance of Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan [était] Arguably, Taiwanese have no desire to live in a democracy..

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The episode confirms the unity during the parliamentary vote in July and August Purchasing power measures, Nupes members are not in the diplomatic files as they signed an agreement sealing their alliance in May ahead of the June legislative elections. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February has already highlighted differences between Ukrainians demanding arms or “rebels”. “incompatibility” over Russia or America.

On Tuesday, the differences of opinion were reflected in the vote of the National Assembly to approve the protocol for the integration of Sweden and Finland with NATO in the context of the war in Ukraine: the representatives of the PS and Ecology , the representatives of the LFI voted against. of “Challenging Worldviews”has PS MEP / public square Raphaël Glucksmann notedThis is a commentary illustrated by Jean-Luc Mélenchon “Anti-Americanism” There is “Built as a Compass” And “led to espouse the cause of tyrants”.

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France “sticks to its one China policy”

The ouster of the “rebel” leader also turns out to be a blessing in disguise for disaffected socialists who refused to see the PS join the LFI in Nupes. are noobs “Opportunistic alliance without stripes!” »PS Mayor of Le Mans, Stéphane Le Foll, points to the verdict “Healthy” The “discussion” Mr. Opened by Mélenchon because it was an opportunity for the left “Be internationalist, European and above all non-aligned” As LFI lawyers.

In the presidential majority, LRM / Renaissance MEP, Nathalie Loiseau, condemns the positions taken “defamation” By Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “The One China Policy is everyone’s policy and no one will deny it”But “It’s not, but your boss didn’t write it.”She has Launched on Twitter for Manuel BompardMr. Melancholy’s right hand.

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France confirmed it Thursday through the voice of its foreign minister Catherine Colonna “Sticks to Its One China Policy”While insisting that “A visit by the President or the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives is not without precedent.” In Taiwan and it“In any case”she “This should not be used as an excuse for China to escalate measures to escalate tensions.”.

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