May 19, 2022


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Jay Leno summons the academy to say they’re going to ‘investigate’ the Will Smith slap incident

Jay Leno summons the academy to say they're going to 'investigate' the Will Smith slap incident

So far we have heard alLots of Uneven on Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock During the 2022 Academy Awards, and even some about the Academy’s response to the matter, but one of the things we haven’t heard is Jay Leno. The former Late Night host recently opened up about his feelings while watching the broadcast, but he also had a candid opinion of how Academy members would respond afterward.

Jay Leno has opened up about his opinion of Will Smith’s actions against Chris Rock during the Oscars telecast earlier this year. He noted that “shouting swear words” was what really caught his eye when it aired, but eventually said he had found Will Smith a “good guy” during previous interactions. At the time, though, he didn’t really understand the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which stated that an investigation was underway about the incident before issuing its final verdict. Jay Leno called the move, telling Palm Beach Daily NewsAnd

what are you looking for? It had to be the most recorded attack in history. I saw the back of his shoes, and I saw Chris’s ear. There were a lot of cameras in this incident. what are you looking for? I know sometimes things are what they seem.