June 8, 2023


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Insults and slips on the Twitter of Slovenian Prime Minister Jonas Jansa

Where was Slovenian Prime Minister Jonas Joncha on Thursday, October 14? Invisible in Ljubljana, where a task from the European Parliament awaited him, the head of state hung on his mobile phone, from where he threw Twitter messages, attaching insults and pressure scenes, the head of government unprecedented to a European, who is currently circulating the European Union Council (EU) More has emerged since he became president.

The nickname “Marshall Tvito” for his active use of the courier service, to the amazement of former Yugoslav Prime Minister Mr Jansa, 63, who has been in the US since early 2020, first released a picture of US billionaire George Soros, surrounded by several MEPs. “Thirteen of the 226 Soros dolls known in the European Parliament”, Confirms the message, takes the clich of global anti-Semitism and condemns all evils to the benefactor of the Jewish faith.

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Many of the MEPs in the picture are no longer in office – not even one of them is dead – and the news is aimed at finding out the truth about the simultaneous liberal Dutch MEP Sophie (update) law and press freedom in Slovenia. The task was to meet Mr Jansa on Thursday, but the latter failed him last time. The Social Democrats in the European Parliament mocked the absence of a photo of an empty chair on Twitter.

It was this spike that provoked Mr Jhansi’s anger and the news about George Soros, which was quickly cleared, while others, when sent in a frenzy, were still online. “Who are you? How many times have you met the German president, the Dutch prime minister or the French president?”He started with Mr. Jhansi, who particularly attacked the hack and made great strides in the fight for respect for the rule of law within the EU. “The last journalist to be killed in the EU was in the Netherlands”, He wrote in the note Journalist Peter R. de Vries was assassinated on July 15. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte condemned his comments on Twitter and to the Slovenian Ambassador in The Hague.

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Subject to the rule of law

To David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, who invited him “Immediately stop provocations”, Mr. Jhansi replied “Slovenia is not a colony”. The French foreign secretary for European affairs also responded without mentioning Mr Jansa’s name. “Suspicious attacks on MEPs have no place in our democratic life”, Estimated Clement Peon.

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