June 8, 2023


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In the United States, the hurricane killed dozens of people, an “unimaginable tragedy”, saddens Joe Biden.

More than seventy people were killed in Kentucky, where at least one city was partially destroyed, while other victims were counted from Tennessee to Illinois…, a devastating hurricane that hit parts of the United States on Friday, December 10th.

During a relief mission on Saturday morning, US President Joe Biden spoke about one “Unimaginable tragedy” It also ensured that the federal administration co-ordinated with the governors of the affected states. “We work with governors [des Etats] To make sure we have what it takes to find survivors, He added.

It is in Kentucky in the Middle East of the country, especially after the passing of this devastating weather event affecting the plains of the United States, that the greatest number is to be regretted. “We were convinced that we were going to lose more than 50 Kentuckies. I’m sure that number now exceeds 70, and by the end of the day it could be more than a hundred., The governor of that state, Andy Bessier, told a news conference Saturday. “West Kentucky suffered some of the worst hurricane damage we have ever seen, and we urge everyone to stay in a safe place.”, He said earlier in a post on Twitter.

Several districts in the state were devastated by the strong hurricane that traveled more than 300 kilometers. The town of Mayfield, home to 10,000 people, seems to have been the epicenter of the disaster. According to the first images sent at sunrise on Saturday, the entire city block was leveled as if it had been destroyed by an explosion. “The city has been hit hard. The devastation is huge.”, Michael Dossett, local relief officer, interviewed on CNN. He noted a “Ground zero”, A phrase used to describe the ruins of the World Trade Center after the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City.

The roof of the candle factory collapsed “Countless sacrifices” In Mayfield, the governor explained. “Before midnight, I declared a state of emergency”, Mr. Bessier added that search and rescue teams have been called to the scene, which has been exacerbated by power outages.

Photos and videos of Mayfield shared on social media show buildings scattered in the streets, twisted metal, trees and bricks. American channels also filmed the path of the hurricane: black columns clearing the ground, flashing with intermittent lightning. “The damage is indescribable. The landscape of Mayfield as we know it has been turned upside down. ”Kentucky Police Department Dean Patterson said. “To this day we have not seen a witness.”, This officer added.

Workers trapped in an Illinois warehouse

Amazon workers trapped in a storm-damaged warehouse on December 10, 2021, working in Edwardsville.

Also in the northwest, Illinois, a strong wind partially tore the roof of an Amazon warehouse destroyed by a storm. Amazon employees in Illinois worked nights to process orders ahead of the Christmas holidays, stranded in a storm-ravaged warehouse the day before Saturday. Police confirmed several people were dead in the warehouse and the Collinsville Emergency Management Agency spoke “Many trapped” In the building.

Emergency services tried to free these people from the installation until early Saturday morning, except for a third of the wreckage. Pictures of the Edwardsville Amazon warehouse were shared by American news channels and social media, with most of the roof of the installation torn, one of the walls collapsed into the building and the entire site collapsed.

Illinois Governor J.P. Britzker said in his speech “Prayers for the People of Edwardsville”. In a statement to local media, Amazon spokesman Richard Rocha said: “Security and Welfare” Amazon employees and partners “Priority” Of the group. “We are assessing the situation and will share as more information becomes available”, He added.

Three died in Arkansas and Tennessee

In the state of Arkansas, the media reported that one person was killed and twenty others were trapped in a nursing home. But are engaged in the task of rescuing those trapped in the structure of the building “Practically destroyed”Craighead County official Marvin Day told local news outlets.

In Tennessee, at least two people were killed in storm-related incidents, an emergency management official said, citing local media. Missouri was also hit by the hurricane.

Hurricane passage is a weather event that affects the United States every year, but many scientists have warned that climate change is increasing the magnitude and frequency of storms.

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