January 28, 2023


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In the U.S., a New York judge is investigating George Santos, a Republican elected to Congress, for allegedly “pretty” his CV.

A New York state attorney opened a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, December 28 “Wonderful Inventions” A newly elected Republican congressman in the US Congress admitted that he lied grossly on his CV and was forced to resign.

George Santos, who snagged a seat from a Democrat in the Nov. 8 legislative election for Nassau County, a stretch of Long Island east of New York City, conceded Monday. “Improved his CV”. “Many discoveries and contradictions are attached to the elected Member of Parliament [George] Santos is stunning”Nassau District Attorney Anne Donnelly said in a press release published by a local New York newspaper.

This republican magistrate argued “Residents of Nassau and other parts of the Third Precinct [qui] to enjoy honest and responsible representation in Congress” In Washington. No one is above the law and if a crime has been committed in this county, we will prosecute. In court, the prosecutor promised.

read more: The article is reserved for our subscribers George Santos, an elected Republican, lied about his career, family, religion, education and wealth.

Call for resignation

Contrary to his claim, Mr. Santos agreed. Born in Queens, one of New York City’s five boroughs, the son of Brazilian immigrants has also lied about his Jewish ancestry, but has yet to answer questions about the source of the wealth he quickly amassed despite recent financial troubles.

However, the elected official has categorically ruled out the idea of ​​giving up the seat in the House of Representatives, which is to be occupied from January 3. He announced New York Post “Don’t Be Guilty”. These lies on several points in his biography were revealed by the inquiry in December The New York Times. Several members of the Democratic Party have called on Republican opposition leader Kevin McCarthy to organize a vote to oust Mr Santos if he refuses to step down.

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New York State has seen many seats in the House of Representatives shift to Republicans, in favor of the Democratic Party, led by Governor Cathy Hochul of the center-left organization. Republicans would thus benefit from a narrow majority in the lower house of Congress in Washington, but Democrats would retain their majority in the Senate.

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