May 17, 2022


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In Senegal, screaming after a pregnant woman died tragically in hospital

A pregnant woman died at the hospital, causing considerable emotion after local newspapers reported that she had been in pain and denied care. SenegalPushes the head of state to react and make promises “All Light” In this play.

The facts went back several days and took place at a public hospital in the northern city of Luka. According to the Senegalese press, Astu Chokna, who was married in her thirties and was nine months pregnant, died there on April 7 after failing a caesarean section.

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Employees of the establishment allegedly rejected her request, arguing that her activity was unplanned and threatened to evict her if she insisted. “Can’t accept! ⁇ Headline in the “One” newspaper on Monday, April 11th Release.

According to the media, the young woman waited for an intervention that did not come until twenty hours later, before expiration, uttered words that were widely published on social networks such as Monday and Tuesday: “Do me surgery because I do not know if I’ll be here tomorrow.” Her baby was not saved.

Discrimination against women

The director of the hospital, Amadou Guèye Diouf, said he was with her on Monday evening “Introduced an administrative procedure to clarify the definitions of this case (…) And take appropriate action. ”. The lawsuit was probably funded by several “online” magazines written on Tuesday and published online.

To say that it should “I am just happy to be free.Me Astu Sokna HospitalPresident Maggie Sol released a message Monday evening “Deepest condolences to his family” On the Snapchat social network, Senegal is very popular among women.

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“I have instructed the competent authorities to shed light on the cause of death in order to identify all the culprits. No defeat can be tolerated ”The head of state promised that “To the heart” Department of Health and insists “Improving population care every day”.

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Senegal, a Muslim-majority country, has made significant progress in the field of women’s rights in recent years, as demonstrated by its adoption in early April. “Pregnant Women Protection Act”It aims to put an end to the widespread practice of dismissing an employee while she is pregnant.

However, the UN And rights defenders continue to call on the authorities to put an end to discrimination against women, including the legal discrimination they experience, as well as the violence they routinely perpetrate.

“Justice for Asto”

The Luca tragedy is the latest in a series of tragedies in Senegal over the health sector, where unions continue to lament the lack of human, technical and financial resources. There have already been some headlines, such as the death of four newborns in April 2021 following a fire at a hospital in the town of Linguar, near Luka.

“It is very painful for the people of Senegal to see what is happening in this country and pretend to be scared and intimidated. Hospital today. Tomorrow, [ce sera] Others [chose]. Let’s forget and move on to the next controversy. Everyday life is dramatic, it makes everything trivial.A Twitter user lamented on Tuesday.

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On social networks, many news outlets condemn the treatment assigned to patients in public structures, especially delays in pushing many patients to private sector services despite the high cost. “God cannot be held accountable for our actions”A woman wrote on Twitter.

Petition for “Justice for Asto” It has already received tens of thousands of signatures and is scheduled to march on Friday in Luca on the same theme. According to the press, the victim’s husband filed a complaint in the local court on Monday.

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