March 21, 2023


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In Hungary, opposition parties are choosing a “conservative and optimistic” candidate against Victor Orban

A provincial mayor, “Conservative and Believer”, Vs. Victor Orban. Peter Marki-Se, 49, won the Hungarian opposition primary second round on Sunday, October 17, in the run-up to the 2022 spring general election. As a historical first, this primary brought more than one 600,000 Hungarians to nominate a candidate from six opposition parties, from the left to the former Nazi organization, to defeat the nationalist prime minister who has ruled successively since 2010 in this country of 9.8 million people

According to the final results, Mr Markie-Jay received 56.7% of the vote against his rival, Social Democrat MEP Clara Dobre. The latter conceded defeat by promising immediately to march behind the winner “To Defeat Victor Orban’s Rule” With this alliance, he called “Pure Alliance”, “Freedom can be restored in this country”He promised the nominated candidate in the presence of supporters who had gathered Sunday evening in the streets of Budapest. According to opinion polls, the opposition is stepping down and is likely to win for the first time in twelve years.

But with his conservative beliefs, it is hard to attack a man like Victor Orban, a Catholic who is the father of seven children, a former voter for Fidesz, who declares himself a great defender. “Christian and Conservative Europe”. “Their attacks cannot act against me”Moreover, Mr Marquez-Joy promised on Sunday evening that this was why he had a spectacular victory in the first place, where he faced left-wing political supporters such as Budapest’s mayor, Kerkeli Caracsoni, or Clara Dobrev — a faction led by her husband and former prime minister, the party of the Democratic-led coalition. Orphan’s favorite enemy.

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The simple mayor of a city of 43,000 people in southeastern Hungary, Hotmesovacarli, Mr. Was able to impose itself without Margie-Jay’s algorithm. This castle of the former Commander-in-Chief of Victor Orban is to be elected in 2018. When The world In his offices, which elected him, the newly elected, he drew up a long plea to re-establish the opposition union at the national level which had helped him to win. “Such an alliance is not only possible, it is necessary to win the Orphan.”, He begged.

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