October 5, 2022


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In Hong Kong, a ballot box locked by Beijing

The people of Hong Kong are being invited to vote in their parliament for the first time on Sunday, December 19, in the sense understood by the Chinese Communist Party, to be created exclusively by “patriots”. Others, almost all opposition candidates who had planned to stand for election, are currently behind bars, on bail or in deportation. And only three out of 150 or more candidates running for 90 seats declare themselves pro-democratic.

Tens of thousands of police officers, or almost a third of them, will be stopped to ensure that the polls run smoothly. The precaution may seem exaggerated in the general indifference of the Hong Kongers in these elections, and they will be largely ignored.

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“In our view, these are not real elections. The new electoral code violates everything that makes up the actual ballot. The fact that the new allotment was favored, decided and imposed by Beijing shows that the policy is no longer respected. [de la Basic Law, la mini-Constitution] : Hong Kong was ruled by the people of Hong Kong, Announces The world Former District Councilor of the Democratic Party. Like many, he resigned from his political post “To protect his family”.

Serious restructuring of the regional parliament

When the former British colony returned to the People’s Republic in 1997, Hong Kong “High Level Autonomy”, According to the “one country two systems” policy, at least fifty years. But without waiting for 2047, China, within two years, imposed tight controls on its small specialized administrative region. Effect, feedback “Hong Kong run by the people of Hong Kong” Has been replaced by “Hong Kong run by patriots”. Gary Lam, CEO, Just talk about democracy “Updated”.

The new electoral code, introduced in March, came into force Intensive restructuring of Lecco’s compound. While the increase from 70 to 90 seats may seem like democracy at first glance, the opposite has happened: the 35 seats elected by direct universal suffrage have been reduced to 20. As for the other 35 seats, reserved. Professional companies have already been largely acquired by the pro-Beijing camp and do not represent any threat. However, Chinese power has reduced them from 35 to 30 because they undoubtedly gave more influence to the large families in Hong Kong, and Beijing also wants to control it better.

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