June 8, 2023


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In Germany, Olaf Scholes is proposing a coalition agreement under the banner of “progress”.

Continuity change: The formula to describe the change taking place under the leadership of Germany comes to mind spontaneously. This Wednesday November 24 is the perfect explanation. In the morning, Angela Merkel (CDU) chaired her last cabinet. For the event, his deputy, Olaf Scholes (SPD), presented her with a bouquet and thanked him heartily for his sixteen years.“Unwavering Dedication” At the head of the country. In the afternoon, the same Olaf Scholz held a press conference The “coalition agreement” will serve as a roadmap for the government Probably in the week of December 6 when he will be elected President by the Bundestock in which he will take charge of the regime.

The 177-page long “Alliance Agreement” is entitled: “Courage for Further Progress”. In 1969, Willie Brandt (SPD) was elected president on the following promise: “Dare more democracy”. Half a century later, Olaf Scholz puts his edict under a bold mark, goes to the extent of promising, with an importance that is extraordinary to him, “The most important modernization of German industry for over a century”. However, on closer inspection, the government he leads with the Greens and the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) – for the first time in Germany – should not fundamentally break with Angela Merkel’s policies. In addition to the decision to legalize cannabis at the community level, it will be sold in “authorized stores” to “control its quality, prevent the distribution of contaminants, and protect public health.”

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Symbol of this sequel: Ministry of Finance. Proponents of the amendment to a policy “debt break” embedded in the constitution since 2009 and the federal government’s ban on borrowing more than 0.35% of GDP, the Greens dreamed of winning this wallet. It will eventually be handed over to the Liberals, the hard-line legacy defenders. Led by their leader, Christian Lindner, the office, which will be occupied by Olaf Scholes from 2018, plans to return to balanced public accounts from 2023, after Germany has freed itself from a three-year “break on debt”. Govt-19 Infection.

The minimum wage is 12 euros

If they succeeded in preventing the introduction of the property tax demanded by social democrats and ecologists, the liberals would have to make concessions. On the social front, first: as Olaf Scholz promised during his campaign, the minimum wage will fall to 12 euros an hour (currently 9.60 euros) from next year. In the economy, then: if the FDP restores the Department of Transportation, the Greens got a bigger ministry of economics, energy and a greater chance of crossing the 130km / h speed limit on the highway. Climate, as well as the environment and agriculture.

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