October 2, 2022


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In Florida, the launch of a rocket to the moon sparks excitement



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C. Goodin, D. Dansel, K. Sullivan Den Berg, M. Dana, S. Quibot – France 2

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In Cape Canaveral, Florida (USA), hundreds of thousands of curious people made the trip to see the launch of the rocket to land on the moon on Monday, August 29.

In Cape Canaveral (USA) and the surrounding towns, excitement surrounds the launch of the moon-bound rocket on Monday morning, August 29. “Every American we spoke to told us with great emotion and pride in their voices: ‘That’s it, we’re finally going back to the moon'”, says Goodin in the game at Duplex. A pride felt by many visitors to the Florida coast. “From the space shuttle, nothing so important. Do you know how wonderful it would be to go back to the moon?”Excites a man.

Between 200,000 and 500,000 people are expected to depart on Monday morning. The boss is already planning to open this restaurant in NASA’s view. “We’re going to have two waiters on the beach who will serve cocktails and breakfast in the morning.”enthuses Traver Yardsky, manager of Coconuts on the Beach Bar.

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