October 4, 2022


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In Finland, Prime Minister Sanna Marin again criticized a photo

Ronnie Regoma/AP The Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin in Helsinki on August 19, 2022. (Roni Rekomaa/Lehtikuva via AP)

Ronnie Regoma/AP

August 19, 2022 The Prime Minister of Finland has been criticized by critics for a video of his party and a photo taken at his official residence.

FINLAND – A new controversy has engulfed Finland’s prime minister. After this it is already under critical acclaim A video broadcast showing his party And it sparked an avalanche of criticism, with Sanna Marin apologizing on Tuesday, August 23. Photography Dispute taken in his house.

A photo published by Finnish media shows two women embracing, stripping to the bust and covering their chests with the sign “Finland”. Sanna Marin, 36, confirmed the photo was taken on Tuesday after attending her official residence in Kasaranda. Music festival Held from 8th to 10th July.

“I think the photo is inappropriate and I apologize. This photo should not have been taken”, Sanna Marin told reporters in Helsinki. The Prime Minister who explained then, “Friends” were at his residence “spend the evening” And “Go to the sauna”.

Sanna Marin is already in the mood for the party

The photo was originally posted on a TikTok account by an influencer and former Miss Finland pageant contestant, who appears in the photo. The snapshot is taken from a deleted video.

In an editorial published on Tuesday, the most important Finnish newspaper, Helsingin’s Sanomat, thought Sanna Marin was not. “See Control of Circumstances in which Different Goods Can Still Be Owned by Different Parties”.

Sanna Marin made headlines last week with a video of her dancing and partying with her friends and celebrities.

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Some interpreted the comments heard in the video as referring to drugs, a subject of heated debate. Social websites And brought the Prime Minister for a drug test on Friday “To Clear All Doubts”.

Negative drug test

The test came back negativeChanna Marin’s cabinet said on Monday. “Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s drug test dated August 19, 2022 did not reveal the presence of drugs”Ms Marin’s office said in a statement that the results were signed off by a doctor.

His dancing was judged by some to be inappropriate for a prime minister, while others defended his right to frolic with friends in a private setting. Finnish women have also filmed themselves dancing and started a movement to support the head of government.

So far Sanna Marin enjoys the support of her party, the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Anti Lindtman, head of the SDP group in parliament, told a conference that the Prime Minister had the support of her group. “I don’t have a big problem with him dancing with friends at a private event.”he said.

Sanna Marin, the world’s youngest head of government when she took office in 2019, has already been criticized for parties at her official residence. In December 2021, Sanna Marin was criticized for dancing at dawn while in a relationship with him. Covid-19.

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