November 30, 2022


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In Brazil, strong rallies for Lula and Bolsonaro ahead of the second round of presidential elections

Brazil’s two presidential contenders, former leftist president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and outgoing far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, won significant support on Tuesday, October 4, for a runoff on October 30. It promises to be very tight.

Lula won 48.4% of the vote on Sunday, ahead of Bolsonaro, who won 43.2% of the total electorate. Out of 156 million voters, more than six million votes separated them, and intense negotiations and bargaining were carried out by the two candidates’ staffs to rally support, sometimes at the expense of a large ideological gap.

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Lula won the rally on Tuesday, but half-heartedly, as center-left candidate Ciro Gomez (3%), who finished fourth in the first round, announced his Democratic Workers’ Party (PDT) rally for the former president. Two terms (2003-2010).

“We held a Democratic Labor Party leadership meeting and I’m making this video to say I’m in support” This decision, Ciro Gomez said on social networks, after the PDT supported Lula. “Given the situation, this is the only solution.”Lula included this former minister of the government, although without naming the former leftist president, with whom he has very strained relations. “Two options [Lula ou Bolsonaro] Not Satisfactory”He blurted out.

The former judge who sentenced Lula for supporting Bolsonaro

The Bolsonaro clan has the backing of former anti-corruption judge Sergio Moro, elected senator from the state of Paraná (south) with 1.9 million votes in legislative elections organized on Sunday at the same time as the presidential election. Sergio Moro, “faller” De Lula, who was sent to prison for eighteen months in 2018-2019 for bribery surrounding the Petrobras group, expressed his open support for the outgoing head of state on Twitter.

“Opposition to the PT plan [le Parti des Travailleurs de Lula]For the second round, I declare my support for Bolsonaro., even though the Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favor of Lula, he declared Moro, who has the image of the country as a hero of the fight against corruption. The former judge was a major holdout for Bolsonaro’s government in early 2019. But he walked out in April 2020, accusing him of interfering with police investigations in cases involving his family.

Outgoing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, left, with Sergio Moro, right, a former judge who was a member of his government.  June 17, 2019.

“It’s beyond all that. From now on we have a new relationship (…) More Extra Marks », pledged Jair Bolsonaro from Brasilia. The president also received the support of the governors of the southeastern states of Minas Gerais, Romeo Gema and Rio Janeiro, Claudio Castro. Brazil’s three major electoral colleges are lining up for Bolsonaro, as Sao Paulo’s current governor (not up for re-election on Sunday) Rodrigo García announced on Twitter.

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“We know that many things divide us, and others do not”Jemaa said, flanking the president. “But Brazil has to move forward, I believe more in President Bolsonaro’s plans”.

“Operation Open House”

For political analyst Thomas Trauman, “Bolsonaro turns his second-round campaign into an open-door operation”.

“Instead of wondering if he deserves a second term (…)he asks [aux électeurs] Does PT deserve to come back to power?” And “PT Investigate Years”He wrote in the magazine Veja. The party co-founded by Lula ruled Brazil from 2003 to 2016.

Brazilian candidate Simone Tebet, October 2, 2022.

Finally, the third-placed candidate on Sunday, Senator Simone Tebet (4% of the vote), was highly respected, but has yet to speak, although he appears to be clearly leaning towards Lula.

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“My decision is already made”, he announced in the first round on Sunday evening, while noting that he would consult his party, the MDB, before making an official announcement. This centrist formation is marked by deep divisions and includes a powerful Bolsonarian faction. Ciro Gomez and Simone Tebet both received 8.5 million votes.

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