June 8, 2023


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In Brazil, President Bolzano accused Govt of “deliberate” crimes during the 19 epidemics

Brazilian Senate Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (ICC) on Wednesday, October 20 “Deliberately” During the Govt-19 epidemic, it killed more than 600,000 people in the country. Nearly six months after the events, with moving testimonies and thrilling revelations about experiences “Human guinea pigs” The ICC, with its senators of various political affiliations, delivers the long-awaited report, with ineffective solutions.

This document, which is approximately 1,200 pages long, should probably be read in an abridged version – by reporter Renan Calheiros. The latter, on Tuesday evening, announced that it had retained nine charges against Jair Bolzano, including “crime against humanity” and “precaution.” “Murder” and “genocide of tribals” were withdrawn at the last minute due to differences within the ICC.

To the ICC, the offenses cited in the report “Deliberately”The Bolsanaro government has deliberately decided not to take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus. The most serious allegations, however, should have a particularly symbolic purpose for now, as the far-right president is benefiting from support in parliament that could prevent him from initiating the process to oust him. Similarly, the Attorney General, Augusto Arras, an associate of Mr. Bolzano, can prevent any accusation.

Basically political impact

In Brasilia on October 18, 2021, a plaque represents the death toll from Covit-19, before a report from the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry.

The ICC is expected to seek the indictment of several ministers and the president’s three eldest sons “Wearing a mask”. “This statement may sound like a sentence, but the government is silent. We can criticize the president’s attitude, but not blame him.”Fernando Beserra, chairman of the government’s parliamentary committee in the Senate, told Universo Online (UOL). The ICC does not have the power to initiate legal action, but its manifestations could have a significant political impact, as polls already show that Jair Bolsonaro lost to left-wing former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva a year before the presidential election.

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The ICC will send a report to the trial court with the sole jurisdiction to prosecute the accused. According to Jair Bolsanaro, experts believe this charge is not possible because it is the responsibility of the Attorney General. After an investigation by several ministers, senior officials or heads of hospitals and institutions, the ICC on Monday took an even more human turn with the testimonies of the families of the Govt-19 victims.

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“We have to apologize to the top officials of the state [le président Bolsonaro]. This is not a question of politics. We talk about life. “, Said taxi driver Marcio Antonio Silva, who lost his 25-year-old son on the verge of tears. Contrary to what we expect from the President of the Republic. We have never seen him shed tears of compassion or express his condolences for the bereaved Brazilian people., ICC Antonio Carlos Costa, President of Rio de Janeiro, added before an NGO.

Corruption and “human guinea pigs”

The ICC is examining the government’s responsibility for severe oxygen shortages, which have resulted in the deaths of dozens of patients due to Manas (northern) suffocation, Jair Bolsanaro’s anti-control speech and He denied the seriousness of the Govt-19, A “Cricket”. The government is also keen on delays in procuring vaccines and suspicions of corruption.

The commission also examined the relationship between Brasilia and the private health sector accused of promoting it “Early treatment”, Especially with hydroxy chloroquine, its effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

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One of them, Prevent Sr., is suspected of experimenting with this type of treatment without the knowledge of his patients and pressuring his doctors to prescribe them. “Human guinea pigs”. “The ICC report clearly aims to punish those responsible, and there are many more. They cannot go unpunished.”, The chairman of the committee briefed Omar Aziz on Tuesday.

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