June 9, 2023


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In Australia, the mystery of the missing radioactive capsule is finally solved

John W Banaghan/Getty Images Mt Whaleback Iron Ore Mine (BHP Billiton,) view fom plane,

John W Banaghan/Getty Images

Aerial view of Mount Whaleback Mine near Newman, Australia.

Australia – People in Western Australia are going to feel a little calmer. A dangerous radioactive capsule is discovered Australia, She had been wanted since mid-January Officials announced Wednesday, February 1, after it went missing while being transported by truck from the mine.

“This is a good thing. Like I said, it was definitely a needle in a haystack and I think people in Western Australia can sleep well tonight.Steve Dawson, head of emergency services in the Australian state, told reporters.

Anglo-Australian miner Rio Tinto apologized for the loss on Monday.

Officers drove hundreds of highway miles in search of the tiny capsule.

Discovery on the edge of a deserted road

She was found on the side of a deserted road south of Newman, near the mine where she had been taken, said state emergency services official Darren Klemm.

After six days of research, a mobilized vehicle detected radiation while traveling on the highway.

Officials are now working to safely recover the capsule before taking it to a safe location, Darren Klemm said.

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According to officials, the silver-colored capsule measuring 8mm by 6mm used during mining operations contains a radioactive material called cesium-137 capable of causing severe radiation.

It was lost while being trucked to the northern suburbs of Perth, 1,400 kilometers from the mine near the remote town of Newman.

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