March 21, 2023


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Horror in Britain: A 60-year-old man claims to have raped dozens of dead women

David Fuller is currently under investigation in Great Britain: the former electrician confessed this week that he killed two women in 1987 and then raped them. This sexologist was accused of raping dozens of corpses for twelve years.

A Decline in Horror … From this Thursday, November 4, England David Fuller returns to painful memory. The 67-year-old, who was arrested in the south of the UK in late 2020, has been summoned to appear in a British court. A 60-year-old man has been charged with murdering and sexually abusing two women before setting them aside. Both crimes were committed in 1987, but the accused were not identified before a British court until this week.

However, David Fuller’s record did not end there. The sixty-year-old, a former electrician by profession, said a few weeks ago that he would use his profession to freely enter mortuaries and mortuary centers. David Fuller confessed to raping 44 corpses. According to investigators, the victims were mostly: at least 81 people, aged 9 to 100, who may have been the subject of the attacks.

14 million images of sexual abuse

According to investigators, David Fuller had committed these heinous acts in almost 12 years. During a search of the former electrician’s home, law enforcement found 14 million images of sexual abuse recorded on his computers and hard drives. In some videos he was shown committing these acts of rape on corpses. Investigators retrieved a diary in which the 60-year-old reviewed his actions in detail.

In the UK, a specific helpline has been set up for relatives of women assaulted by David Fuller.

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