November 27, 2022


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Home Secretary Liz Truss resigns

Suella Braverman admits to a “mistake” in using her personal email. He has been replaced by former Transport Minister Grand Shops as Home Secretary

Former British transport minister Grant Shabbs was appointed home secretary on Wednesday to replace Suella Braverman, who resigned using a private email address to send an official document, Downing Street announced. Grand Shops Selection, 54, sends Opening signalWhen he supported a rival Liz dress During the Downing Street race, former finance minister Rishi Sunak. Suella Braverman, 42, said her resignation violated departmental code for using her personal email to send official documents.

She also revealed “Serious concernsThe government’s policy, in his opinion, gives up on its promises, especially in the migration file. If his departure does not appear to be related to a rebellion within the government as it was pushed Boris Johnson Earlier in July, Liz sought to regain control after her new finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, tore apart the massive tax cuts she had promised Truss on Monday. During the weekly questions session in Parliament, at noon this Wednesday, he was fighting hard, defending his policies in the face of opposition calls and cries for his resignation, a key test of his ability to bounce back.

“A Fighter”

“I’m a fighter, not a quitter”She is the hammer. What is the use of a PM whose promises don’t last even a week?, Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer listed all the measures Liz Truss should drop. The crisis the government is going through leads up to the September 23 presentation “Mini Budget” He raised fears of a slippage in the public accounts of then finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng. The pound fell to historic lows and long-term government debt rates rose. The Bank of England had to intervene to prevent the situation from turning into a financial crisis.

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In an attempt to calm the economic and political storm, Liz Truss had to appoint a new finance minister on Friday, Jeremy Hunt, who will be tasked with overhauling her economic plan and reassuring markets about the seriousness of the government’s budget. The latter, now seen as gaining the upper hand over Liz Truss, rejected almost all the tax cuts promised by the Prime Minister and raised fears of a return to austerity after 2008, warning that savings must be made in public spending. The financial crisis saw inflation hit a 40-year high of 10.1% in September, although the prime minister was keen to quell rumors that he would not increase pensions in line with inflation as promised.

One in five Conservative Party voters have a favorable opinion of Lis Truss, compared with only one in ten Britons, according to a Youcove poll. A majority of 55% of party members want Liz Truss to step down, while 38% want her to stay in office. Now, six MPs from her party have already publicly urged Liz Truss to quit. In the absence of an obvious successor, conservatives are reluctant to engage in a new and lengthy process to appoint a new leader, hoping for consensus to adopt a name, but seem far from achieving it.

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