March 21, 2023


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Health Minister Olivier Véran announced the sending of a “Med”

Health Minister Olivier Véran, who was auditioned on health awareness devices in the Senate, has announced that he will send a mediator to Martinique with the aim of restoring the “situation for peaceful dialogue”. The island is experiencing many tensions around vaccination duty.

Health Minister Olivier Véran announces sending a “.Mediation“In Martinique”Create conditions for quiet conversation with all stakeholders“On purpose”Enforce the law“And do”Advanced vaccine“The region is experiencing tension as many professionals, especially caregivers, refuse to vaccinate against Govt-19, while it is severely affected by the fourth wave of pollution.

See Oliver Warren’s response in the Senate:

On October 23, he became chairman of the Martinique Regional Collection Executive Committee Demanded the establishment of an arbitration on the island, Including representatives of medical organizations, government and staff, “To re-establish space for dialogue and discussion that respects everyone’s opinions“Serge Letzimi regrets in letter to health minister.”Severe tensions within Martinique hospitals, especially the question of the use of the Health Pass“And concern about the resignation of caregivers.

This Tuesday, the chairman of the CTM board said to himself, “Satisfaction“From the Health Minister’s response.”This mediation is essential to find the path of dialogue in our territory. Quiet and good conversation. “

General strike

For its part, the opposition to the independence of the GSPM (Gran Sanble Pou Matinik) called for mediation between Martinique Prefect, director of ARS and director of Martinique University Hospital (CHUM), Inter-Union. Their purpose: to exempt the use of a health pass in the area.

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A few days ago, the confusion over the drop in health pass restrictions at the entrance to CHUM provoked several reactions. An internal note was distributed and explained that all caregivers can return. “With or without a health passBut the administration refused. Ensuring that “Proper control“The health pass was well maintained At the entrance of the establishment.

Proper tests are carried out when accessing the CHU, but under no circumstances should situations arise where the health offer is blocked or interrupted.CHUM later noted that the administration had called for a halt to the protests in front of its blockade on Monday, October 25.

Social breakdown

Over the weeks, protests have been organized and tensions between “pro” and “anti” vaccine duties have grown on the island. Martinique is one of the French sectors with the lowest vaccination rate: only 37% of the population has a complete immunization schedule, which is 67% nationally.

CHUM complained to Inter-Union X. To condemn the management of the health crisis in the department. The complaint contains three charges: “deliberate failure to take action to combat a disaster”, “arbitrary violence” and “deliberately endangering the lives of others”.

The chief of the province of Martinique lodged a complaint against him “Threats and Hateful News” Against vaccinated caregivers. Action was taken against them during a demonstration there on Friday, October 22 They denounced pressure from co-workers who were not vaccinated. A few days later, on Monday, October 25, during a demonstration following a call for a general strike between the unions, a coffin decorated with a goat’s head was placed in front of the queen.

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