March 31, 2023


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He was taken hostage and taken to hospital with “serious injuries” at an Apple store in Amsterdam.

The hostage and the four who hid in the cupboard without the suspect’s knowledge are safe.

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Suspected kidnapper kidnapped at Apple store in Amsterdam on Tuesday night “InjuredAt the hospital, according to local officials, Wednesday, February 23. According to local media, a 27-year-old Dutch man who held a 44-year-old British customer hostage demanded மில்லியன் 200 million in cryptocurrency. Freeing the building, threatening to blow themselves up.

Amsterdam Police have received information that a store may have been attacked by gunmen around 5:30 pm on Tuesday. According to the police chief, the first officers sent to the scene were shot with an automatic weapon. It was soon revealed that the suspect had a gun and that he may have been wearing a bomb suit.

Many were able to leave the building, but four people took refuge in the closet on the ground floor, unable to leave the building. The British hostages and the four are now safe and in good health, city officials confirmed at a news conference.

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