June 9, 2023


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Govt. The first return of the Moroccan people was prevented on Wednesday, December 15th

Moroccan authorities, on an exceptional basis, authorize passenger flights to Morocco from Portugal, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, the MAP said, citing a statement from the Interim Committee.

The operation, which begins on Wednesday, December 15, is about Moroccan citizens who actually live in Morocco and have recently left the national territory. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the beneficiaries.

The decision was made to allow Moroccan nationals stranded abroad to return to their home country following the grounding of the flights.

The applicable health protocol is as follows:

– Each passenger must submit a PCR test less than 48 hours before boarding.

– At the expense of the Moroccan government, travelers will be confined to special hotels for up to 7 days.

PCR tests are performed every 48 hours during the captivity period. Anyone who checks positive at the airport or hotel will be noticed by health officials.

Médias24 reported from an informed source to the Interior Ministry that Moroccan people can travel abroad by special flights.

Govt. The people of Morocco are authorized to use special flights from Morocco (Ministry of the Interior)

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