May 19, 2022


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Govit-Omigran: China faces the risk of new variations, with 200 million people in whole or in part this Monday

Shanghai, a Chinese megacity with a population of 25 million, is entering its third week in prison. But in some districts of the city the cuts will begin this week.

Faced with the huge explosion of Govt-19 cases and fears of the emergence of new varieties of Omigran, China is strengthening its Zero Govt strategy.

The city of Shanghai is still stagnant

In the last 24 hours on Sunday, April 10 in Shanghai, 25,173 new infections were confirmed, up from 23,937 the previous day.

In total, about 23 cities, with a total population of about 200 million, are currently incarcerated in whole or in part. According to the Euronews website.

Authorities in Shanghai, however, will begin loosening locks in some areas from Monday, despite registering more than 25,000 new infections.

Relief for the city’s 25 million residents, many of whom had difficulty finding food and medicine after being locked up for more than two weeks.

But this relief from prison will be done in several stages. Shanghai is divided into 7,624 areas, which are still sealed, said Gu Honghui, one of city officials. Of these areas, 2,460 of them are now subject “Restrictions” After a week without new infections. 7,565 “block zones” will now open two weeks later without a positive case. Those who live in “restricted zones” can get around their surroundings, but must respect social distance. Finally, if new infections occur, these districts may be reorganized.

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