March 31, 2023


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Govit-19: New variant of Omigran? What do we know about the “BA.2” strain that could animate the 5th wave

Health officials said a few days ago that France was passing the epidemic peak of the 5th wave of COVID-19. However, the scientific community is noticing re-pollution in the short term. Epidemiologist Professor Antoine Floholt is urging the study of a new variant of the virus that will resume circulation in the country.

“We have reason to be confident.” These words came from guest Gabriel Attlee on Tuesday morning, January 18th CNews. A government spokesman justified his optimism with an observation drawn the previous day by Professor Arnaud Fontaine, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Pasteur, on the slow decline in the country’s intensive care unit, leading the Govt-19 front. Science Council Member: Epidemiological peak “passes through France.

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Infographics. Covid-19: The Omigron wave seems to have reached its peak in France, now what?

However, this Tuesday evening, France recorded the number of new pollutants: 464,769 French people tested positive for Covid-19 In the last 24 hours. France has passed in the last seven days An average of 309,433 new Govt-19 cases are reported each day : The indicator starts to rise again. Worryingly, the scientific community was counting on a rapid decline in pollution.

New variant of Covid-19 in France?

According to Professor Antoine Flaholt, an epidemiologist at the University of Geneva and director of the Global Health Institute, this latest pollution may have been caused by a new variant of the Covit-19. “In the United Kingdom, the number of new Covid-19s halves every seven days. France was expected to follow in the footsteps of the United Kingdom with a two-week delay: this is not the case.

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A “sub variant” from India

From its pseudonym “PA.2“(” BA.1 “is the original strain of the Omicron variant), found in India and Singapore.” It may even have changed for the most part in this country, “said the archaeologist.” The BA.2 strain has also been found in Belgium. This variant of the Omicron is also known as the “Stealth Omicron” because this new strain passes under it.

More contagious variant?

According to Professor Flauhlt, this is a sub-variant of the Omigron line that “should be spoken of soon”: “It seems a variant is close, at this point, even if we have little data on its potency or its potential. To escape.”

The strain has not yet been classified as a “worrying variant” by the World Health Organization (WHO), the professor says. […] However, it is believed to be highly contagious. “

What scenes in France?

Should French health officials now set aside any opportunity to reduce pollution? “I’m not fully confident about the forecasts we can make today at the height of the Fifth Wave and the peak of the rapid fall. We are not in a very favorable situation in France to talk about an epidemic,” says Professor Antoine. Floholt.

The epidemiologist also confirms that the country could experience a situation similar to that on December 15: “We thought it was reaching an epidemic peak, but the Omigran variant has resumed the cycle of the virus. This new strain is likely to relapse this time around. Pollution again.”