May 26, 2022


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‘Glorious PC Gaming Race’ renamed ‘Glorious’ due to belated disgrace

'Glorious PC Gaming Race' renamed 'Glorious' due to belated disgrace

In 2008, video game reviewer was a vibrant fast-talking expletive Yahtzee from Zero punctuation marks Coined the phrase “The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race” He jokes about how arrogant computer game players allegedly look down upon their “dirty console” peasant counterparts. (I remember it was pretty funny at the time.)

Then something unfortunate happened: the PC gaming community I decided that the same brand from that way. Become a “PC Gaming Master Race” The largest sub-forum in the communityAnd in 2014, someone also decided that he was going to use them to sell people mouse pads, mice, and keyboards, Signs of the Nazi era be damned.

some man Now he realizes the error of his methods – and so his company, Glorious PC Gaming Race, is dropping the name. It’s just “glorious” now; The logo and products will change, the company says on its website It will be retired in favor of a new domain name.

“The intent of this rebranding is to better align the public face of the fast-growing startup with its core values,” said a press release, quickly noting that founder Shazem Mohammed was 24 when he started the company and points out that he didn’t know better. – It went along with the meme. (He then points out how successful the brand is: “The unusual name has attracted attention within the busy industry, especially from other members of those online communities,” the text says.)

I’m older and should have known better, but I admit that my Glorious PC Gaming Race mouse pad crept into the pictures for My Odyssey G9 Monitor Review Before I retire in shame.

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Unfortunately, it appears that it may take some time before the company can truly weed out a phrase that has apparently served its business well until today. Despite this, the company wrote that it will be a “multi-year transition period.” New product launch It’s already going that way.

While we’re on the topic of cringe branding…Acer, are you listening? It might be time to stop encouraging your customers to do so Find the predators inside.

I’m kidding…but just kinda.