March 21, 2023


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German naval chief resigns over controversial remarks over Ukraine

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday evening that German Navy Chief K-Achim Schnbach had resigned following controversial comments on the Ukraine crisis.

The Vice Admiral, who had the impression that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine, will step down. “With immediate effect“What does Vladimir Putin want?”To be respectedThe army soldier said this according to a video circulating on the internet shot during a think tank meeting in New Delhi on Friday. “It is easy to give him the respect he wants, and even merit“Russia wants to occupy part of Ukraine,” he said.A nonsense.

He also considered the Crimean Peninsula to be annexed by Russia in 2014.Leave and will not returnOn the chest of Ukraine. This senior officer qualified his statements in the afternoon.Thoughtless. ⁇No need to shout: it’s a mistake“, He wrote in a tweet.

But in a statement issued in the evening, he explained that he had submitted his resignation.To avoid further damage to the German Navy and especially to the German Federal Republic“The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned German Ambassador Anka Feltusan this afternoon.Completely unacceptableBy Kyiv.

The Vice Admiral’s statement comes amid a Russian-Western crisis surrounding Ukraine. With tens of thousands of Russian troops still concentrated on the Ukrainian border, serious diplomatic efforts are being made on both sides to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

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