March 21, 2023


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German naval chief resigns over controversial remarks over Ukraine


Europe and the United States are trying to show their common front against Russia in the current crisis, and Moscow may invade against Ukraine. The resignation of the German naval chief on Saturday, who understood the policy of the Russian president, further intensified tensions between Berlin and Kiev. The case has diplomatic consequences, with Ukraine accusing Germany of not having enough support.

With our correspondent in Berlin,Pascal Thibo

Speaking to a think tank in India, the German naval chief made it clear that he was expressing his personal opinion to some extent: an experienced soldier interested, on a professional mission in the region and in uniform, with a prior statement like this. Photo tool.

Kiev called the German ambassador

Kay-Achim Schönbach said that Russia’s occupation of Ukraine was nonsense and that Vladimir Putin should be respected. The German navy chief also ruled that Ukraine had lost Crimea annexed by Russia.

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Schönbach later apologized on Twitter, but his resignation was only a matter of hours. His statements have diplomatic consequences. Kiev summoned the German ambassador to the scene and ruled on the comments of the German naval chief. Unacceptable “The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany considered the FRG’s international credibility and credibility to be questionable.

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