January 21, 2022


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Former Minister of Ennahda, Nooruddin Bri “Between Life and Death”

Noordeen Bri, the strongest man in the Ennahda party, inspired by the Islamists. “Between life and death“, Its security committee confirmed on Wednesday, January 5 that the former Tunisian minister was arrested on Friday and will be admitted to hospital two days later.”According to medical sources, (norepinephrine) is between life and deathSamir Thilo, Ennahta’s lawyer and accomplice, said his wife and children were invited to bed at around 9:30 GMT, in the presence of some journalists.

Noorideen Bree, 63, suffering from a chronic illness (especially diabetes and high blood pressure), was taken to an undisclosed location by plainclothes agents on Friday, his party said.Abduction. ⁇Those who kidnapped him must accept their responsibilitiesSamir Thilo added to the attention of President Guiz Syed and Interior Minister Tawfiq Sarfedin, who ordered the arrest. Noordeen Brigadier, who was admitted to a hospital in Picardy (north) on Sunday for treatment of a heart attack, has denied arrest. “Take all food and medicine“It simply came to our notice then. The Anti-Torture Commission (INPT, Independent Authority) said on Wednesday that it could not.Deny or confirm new claims”From Ennahda. “A team of three doctors from INPT is coming to the placeAn official of the authority told the AFP of Lotfi Asset.

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On Sunday, Ennahda became his former minister. “In dangerous condition2, denied by the sources of the INPT and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights who met him. Ennahta has been at the center of a feud with President Guiz after his July 25 coup and his decision to shut down the party-controlled parliament for ten years. Ennahda and other protesters a “RebellionAnd various NGOs have expressed fears about authoritarianism.

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“Arbitrary detention”

Abderrazak Gilani further explained “Absolutely wrong“Allegations leveled by the Home Minister on Monday that he was involved in the arrest of Nuretheen Priyan”Serious suspicions of terrorismThe prosecution confirmed Tuesday that it had launched an investigation after receiving the “.”Report on Anti-Terrorism and Organized Crime Services.

Some NGO voices began to rise on Wednesday to criticize the practice against the former justice minister. Tunisian Human Rights Council to the Ministry of Interior “Details of arrest circumstancesBy splitting norepinephrine. The World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) has condemned the arrest in a statement.Without warrant“நி”Precise motivesBy Noordin Bri,Taken to a secret custody.

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The ministry on Friday restrained itself from issuing two house orders (another executive of Ennahda, Fethi Baldi, was arrested) without naming names. “Precautionary measures“Justified”Because of the need to protect national security“However, according to the OMCT,”The fate of Noordeen Priye is akin to arbitrary custody“And”Illegal“.OMCT condemns well-established practices”Not on a law, but on a presidential decree 40 years ago“, Condemns lack”Immediate and intensive control by an independent judicial authority.