March 26, 2023


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Fans think Phil Spencer’s shelf is teasing Xbox Game Pass streaming box

Fans think Phil Spencer's shelf is teasing Xbox Game Pass streaming box

Update 10/11/22: Xbox has confirmed that the device on Phil Spencer’s shelf is an old Keystone prototype.

“The device on Phil’s shelf was an older Keystone prototype. Earlier this year, we announced that we had made the decision to move away from the current iteration of Keystone and take what we learned to refocus our efforts on a new approach that will allow us to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to more gamers around the world. We have nothing more to share today,” said a statement to Eurogamer.

The Keystone, as the device was called, was a small gadget intended to be a device capable of streaming Xbox Game Pass titles to any monitor or TV screen without additional hardware.

Back in May, Xbox confirmed it Stay away from the Xbox Game Pass broadcast box. Apparently Spencer was leaving a cheeky nod to the past on his shelf, then.

Original story 10/10/22:Phil Spencer’s mantel appeared again. Since it was discovered, Xbox Chief has had Xbox Series S spawns in plain sight Behind him during a video interview months before the console was announced, fans were scouring his furniture for more future reveal – and speculation is now growing that Spencer has just revealed Microsoft’s long-running Xbox Game Pass streaming device on Twitter.

Share Spencer Latest Shelf Pictures Earlier today, I wrote, “Vault Boy left the shelter and stopped at my office to celebrate Fallout’s 25th anniversary.” It’s clear, though, that the Vault Boy statue that’s supposed to be the focus of the tweet is out of focus. Instead, the image continues several shelves upward, revealing a mysterious Xbox-branded box fans have so far struggled to identify — which many speculate could be the Xbox game streaming box, codenamed Keystone, announced in 2021. .

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As described by Microsoft in a file Project update in MayHowever, the hitherto unseen Keystone aims to be a low-cost device that will allow users to play Xbox Cloud games across any TV or monitor without the need for a console. Reports have varied about its exact nature – some claimed it was stick-like, others a box – but whatever it was earlier, Microsoft said it was “skew away” from the then-current iteration to refocus on a “new approach”.

Not much has been heard from Keystone since then, but the project is now back in the spotlight thanks to the mysterious Xbox-branded white box now featured in Spencer’s latest photo. Sure, it’s small enough to be sort of a game-streaming box, it’s barely wider than the Xbox console next to it, and it’s clearly inspired by the Xbox Series S aesthetic — but honestly, without more work, it could be. anything. Indeed, it has gone far beyond speculation from the broadcast box, with some suggesting that it might be a copy of Xbox Series S external drive which appeared in a Microsoft patent earlier this year.

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Of course, now might be a smart time to start promoting a subscription-based game streaming fund, given the high-profile rhetoric about the next technology Google’s recent decision to shut down the ill-considered Stadia service. But on Microsoft’s part, the only follow up I’ve given on Spencer’s tweet and the mysterious shelf object so far From the official Xbox Twitter account, who wrote, “Now what did we say about putting old prototypes on your rack manager”. So yes, whatever it is remains a mystery for now, but feel free to share in the speculative fun until Microsoft makes it different!

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