March 21, 2023


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European Commission proposes to suspend flights from South Africa

9:08 a.m .: Germany denies foreign travelers from South Africa

Outgoing German Health Minister Jens Spann announced on Friday that Germany would refuse to allow foreign travelers from South Africa to enter its territory because of the discovery of a new variant of the Covit-19.

He added that the rule, which goes into effect on Friday evening, would be of concern to South Africa and “probably neighboring countries”. Even if vaccinated, only German citizens will be allowed to re-enter, respecting the 14-day isolation.

“The last thing we need now is the introduction of a new variant, which causes even more problems,” the minister explained.

8:58 a.m .: European Commission proposes to suspend flights from South Africa

The European Commission has proposed to suspend flights from the South African region following the discovery of a new variant of the Covit-19, its chairman Ursula van der Leyen announced on Friday.

“The European Commission proposes to work closely with member states to implement an emergency brake to restrict air travel from the South African region due to the B.1.1.529 variant,” the official tweeted. On the London side.

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7:52 am, 20 months later, the curfew was completely lifted in Guyana

Guyana officials have announced that the curfew will be lifted in the French state of South America from Monday.

“We have a break, but we know there will be a fifth wave, and we have fewer vaccines,” the chief of the Guiana Theory of Kffelek pointed out as he exited a crisis cell on Thursday evening.

Five municipalities, including the Cayenne Prefecture and the Gauro Space City, are still under curfew from 10pm to 5am.

7.45am: Opening of the Christmas market in Strasbourg, with mandatory health permit

The traditional Christmas market opens in Strasbourg (Pass-Rin) from this Friday and the season begins throughout Alsace. Their access is subject to the Health Pass and visitors must wear a mask, Remind our colleagues of Alsace’s latest news.

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7:38 a.m .: China: Hundreds of flights were canceled in Shanghai after some Govt

China on Friday canceled hundreds of flights, closed schools and suspended tourism activities following the discovery of the Kovit-19 cases in Shanghai, which put pressure on the country hosting the Winter Olympics.

A few months before the Olympic Games, which begin on February 4 in Beijing, the country wants to control the risks of pollution at all costs and implement a health policy aimed at “zero infection”.

7:34 a.m .: Journalists shot dead in Martinique

Four French journalists, including an AFP photographer, were shot dead by motorcyclists on Thursday night in the Fort-de-France district while covering night-time urban violence on the island.

Journalists were shot three times on a deserted street due to a strict curfew imposed on Thursday evening.

Arriving on two motorcycles, they shot and killed journalists who were filming from a burning roadblock.

AFP photographer Loic Venens, two journalists from BFMTV / RMC Sport, Maureen Lehox and Julian Tauro and Abaga Press, Rafael Lafarge’s photojournalist were not injured. Hurry. Helmet-wearing individuals did not follow them.

That night in Fort-de-France. Photo by Loic Venance / AFP

7.15 am: Inspecting the “personal solution” for suspended employees in Guadeloupe

The government is considering a “personal solution” to the suspension of nursing staff and firefighters in Guadeloupe for their reluctance to be vaccinated.

After a video conference meeting with Foreign Minister Sebastien Leghorn, Guadeloupe Mayors’ Association president Jocelyn Sapodil said the suspension of the vaccine duty was “initially denied, and today (it) is being reviewed by the government”.

“We are not asking for the law to be repealed, it will apply, but we are asking in parentheses to resolve the situation of 1,200 to 1,300 Guadeloupe people. They will find themselves without income,” he said. But a cabinet spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “vaccination duty on caregivers and firefighters will not be lifted.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to “applying the law with proportion and prudence within the framework of local dialogue and listening,” the ministry said.

6:55 a.m .: New Caledonia: Govt-19 epidemic “stable and under control”

The Kovit-19 epidemic, which has killed 276 people in New Caledonia since early September, is now “stable and under control,” although epidemiological modeling expert Friday said it could regenerate in the coming months.

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“We are in a stable, declining situation in Naumia and Greater Naumia, although there are clusters in the north of Theo or Huavillo and on the island of Murray,” said Morgan Manges, director of applied mathematics and epidemiological research at IRD. Research Institute for Development).

New Caledonia (270,000 people), long out of Govt-19, was hit by a violent epidemic in early September, which put pressure on the regional hospital and forced the dispatch of about 300 staff from the metropolis’ health reserve.

Morocco: The suspension of flights with France has been postponed to Sunday

The flight with France, which was decided by Morocco from this Thursday evening, was finally postponed until midnight this Sunday.

“The decision to postpone direct flights from France to Sunday is aimed at facilitating the return process for Moroccan citizens and foreigners residing in Morocco,” the Interim Committee noted. Additional information in our article.

5:51 am: New variant discovered in South Africa, UK takes action

A new variant of Covit-19 has been discovered in South Africa, and its high number of mutations threatens the effectiveness of existing vaccines. In response, the UK on Thursday announced a ban on entry for travelers from South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swatini, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The measure goes into effect on GMT at 12 noon on Friday.

5:49 a.m .: Curfew ordered in Martinique

The Martinique chief minister on Thursday imposed a curfew on Thursday to tackle “overnight urban violence” from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. until peace returns.

5:48 a.m .: Strasbourg Christmas Market opens this Friday

The Strasbourg Christmas Market starts this Friday. A device verified by the Bas-Rhin Prefecture and Down Hall, it is mandatory to wear a mask in a market that traditionally welcomes about 2 million visitors a month. So the pass will only be required to access the “Food Courts”, the only area where visitors can eat.

Photo AFP

Third dose for all, instructions for use

Olivier Véran announced this Saturday that he will be expanding the vaccine boost to the full adult population. A logistics challenge: to vaccinate 19 million French people in two months. Everything you need to know in our article.

5:47 am: Reminder to all, hardened pass, pressure on non-vaccinators … New measures in the face of the fifth wave

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Vaccine withdrawal from the age of 18 and the validity of the health pass are mandatory: the government has put pressure on those who have not been vaccinated to face the fifth wave of the epidemic, regardless of incarceration at this stage. Find out in our article all the activities that Olivier Véran announced on Thursday.

5:46 a.m .: Announcement of infection

Critical care services welcomed 1,499 Covid-19 patients on Thursday, up from 1,483 on Wednesday, according to data from the Public Health France. A total of 8,981 people were hospitalized on Thursday – 8,765 on Wednesday. The hospital on Thursday recorded 73 Govt-related deaths. As of Thursday, 33,464 new cases had been registered.

What to remember from Thursday

  • As of this Friday, Health Minister Oliver Varen announced on Thursday that “an order again makes it mandatory to wear a mask everywhere in the home” in areas open to the public, including places where a health pass is required.
    National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer announced on Thursday that classes in elementary schools will not be closed from next week, following the first Govt case found in a student.
    The validity period of the negative test granting the right to the Health Pass will be reduced to 24 hours.
    All people over the age of 18 who have received the booster dose of the anti – Govt vaccine “from January 15” to 2022 must justify their health pass more than seven months earlier than before.
    France is exploring the possibility of vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11, but it will not happen “early in 2022”, Oliver Warren said.
    The Martinique Chief Minister has issued a curfew order to deal with the “night-time urban violence” from Monday until the return of peace from 7pm to 5am.
  • A new variant of Covit-19 has been discovered in South Africa, and its high number of mutations threatens the effectiveness of existing vaccines.
    Morocco has decided to suspend regular flights to and from France as the epidemic starts again.

5:45 a.m .: Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the news of the Govt-19 epidemic in France and around the world.