January 29, 2023


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Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden pledged support for Kiev

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8:07 p.m : Here’s a fresh reminder of the key topics after 8pm:

• #During a joint press conference, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron claimed to be friends. They mainly talked about the war in Ukraine. “We will continue to support the Ukrainian people”The US President promised.

Canceled trains, schools closed in the morning, protected infrastructure… a circular Sent to Governors They should be asked in case of any power cuts this winter. Minister of National Education Confident That would be “no school in the morning” In case of intentional power failure.

• Christmas Bonus, Energy Tree Test, Repair Bonus… Here it is What changes in December.

• Belgium exited in the group stages with a draw against Croatia (0-0), who qualified for the round of 16, as did Morocco. There are two matches going on. Japan-Spain, to follow Here with franceinfosport. Costa Rica-Germany, to follow There with franceinfosport.

8:00 p.m. : “Putin made a miscalculation at all levels. He thought they would be welcomed with open arms in the Russian-speaking regions. Re-read his speeches and speeches.”

The two leaders continued to answer questions from reporters.

7:41 p.m : “We are always on the same line: to help Ukraine resist, to give nothing to our values ​​and the principles of the United Nations Charter. To avoid an uncontrolled escalation of this conflict and to implement it. We will help build peace, under the conditions for their territory that the Ukrainians will decide at the appropriate time.”

The war in Ukraine and its consequences occupied a good part of the speeches of Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron.

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7:35 p.m : Emmanuel Macron emphasizes the fact that it is essential“Avoid any uncontrolled increase”.

7:28 p.m : We will continue to support the Ukrainian people.

Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron discussed the war in Ukraine at length.

7:24 p.m : “President Macron and I are committed to continuing to work to hold Russia to account and mitigate the global consequences of Putin’s war.”said the US President.

6:09 p.m : “We will not stop until [les] We will not all be redeemed. After today’s exchange, 1,319 heroes have already gone home.

This was stated by the President of Ukraine in Telegram. Russia and Ukraine have exchanged scores of prisoners since the war began in February.

4:09 p.m : The Russian Ministry of Justice has published a consolidated register “Foreign Agents” In Russia. A total of 493 names are included in the list, which compiles personalities, activists and associations considered anti-authority. The persons involved are obliged to respect the administrative rules and are obliged to indicate this position in their publications.

3:42 p.m : “France, US confront Vladimir Putin as he breaks the peace again on the European continent”, The French introduce Joe Biden, who salutes “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”

2:29 p.m : The State Secretariat for Economy (SECO) said the amount of Russian assets frozen in Switzerland as of Nov. 25 was 7.5 billion Swiss francs (7.6 billion euros) following sanctions imposed on Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine. Switzerland is a popular destination for silver Russians or businesses from the country because the country is a hub for commodity trade.

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12:31 p.m : The Kremlin says it cannot create a tribunal to judge Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, including potential war crimes. “No Legitimacy”. “No“We will not accept the courts, we will condemn them.” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

12:20 p.m : Spanish authorities reveal a letter bomb, characteristics “similar” to her Explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid, sent to Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez last week. A press release issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs stated: “Envelope containing pyrotechnic material”.

11:46 a.m : “Russia destroys 40% of Ukraine’s energy system in terrorist missile attacks. Dozens of energy workers killed and injured.”

A week later, almost half of Ukraine’s electricity was out Recent Russian attacks About energy infrastructure, says private operator DTEK on Telegram. It highlights efforts “Day and Night” Electricity workers to fix them.

11:38 : “Pope Francis has recently issued incomprehensible, totally un-Christian statements pointing to two peoples of Russia that we should expect atrocities from them during a military war.”

Russian Foreign Minister condemns Pope Francis’ comments The latter qualified “terrible” Some ethnic Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine.

10:49 : As snow begins to fall in northern Ukraine, recent Russian strikes have left many residents without power for at least several hours a day. The authorities have taken steps to deal with the problem “hot spots”, Where to take refuge. Report.

(Agathe Mahout / Radio France)