August 8, 2022


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Dozens killed in shipwreck in South China Sea | Hong Kong

More than two dozen crew members are missing after their ship broke in two during a typhoon in the South China Sea on Saturday, officials said, as rescuers scrambled to find them.

The authorities sent planes and helicopters to assist in the rescue operation. At least three of the 30-man crew were brought to safety as of 5:30 pm local time (1030 GMT).

Photos released by Hong Kong The state aviation service showed that a crew member was being flown into a rescue helicopter as heavy waves hit the sinking ship.

The engineering ship, which was 160 nautical miles (296 kilometers) southwest of Hong Kong, “experienced significant damage and split in two” and the ship’s 30-man crew deserted, according to the Flying Service.

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The Flying Service did not say the ship’s name or origin. The crew members are negotiating the difficulties caused by Tropical Storm Chapa, which had maximum winds of 110 kilometers per hour, it said in a statement.

The three survivors said they may have been swept away by the waves before the first helicopter arrived, according to a government statement.

The storm made landfall in the western part of China’s Guangdong Province later on Saturday. The flight service dispatched two fixed-wing aircraft and four helicopters for the rescue effort.

Rescue workers said they would increase the search area “due to the large number of missing people” and extend the operation into the night if conditions allowed.

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