March 26, 2023


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Don’t Trust Elden Ring Autosave on PS5 – Yet

Don't Trust Elden Ring Autosave on PS5 - Yet

A faint look into a cave of crystal in the Elden Ring.

picture: Bandai Namco

The moment has come. After years of anticipation, elden ring Finally leaps from the level of poor imagination to the very real level of today’s game consoles and PCs. However, like any massive modern game, It has some issues. And its publisher has an unusual solution for those who play on PlayStation 5: Don’t take advantage of the console’s main “rest mode” feature.

elden ringan open world action game developed by the makers of blood borneTaking the gaming world by storm. Reviewers in all fields have praised her As one of the best games ever, elden ring First crush of the year. right Now, It breaks records On both Steam and Twitch. KotakuIan Walker, who lives deep in the lands in between, has poured ink on everything inside of him Characters jerk to treasure chests (even if those chests I totally ruined itWhich: lmao).

However, on PS5, some players had trouble elden ringSystem saves, and most of it seems to happen if the console hangs while playing or if you leave the game in ‘rest mode’. Although PS5 doesn’t have a feature like ‘Xbox’s’Quick resume“—which allows you to keep half a dozen games on hold—allows you to suspend one game at any time by putting the console to sleep. When you’re ready to play again, you can pull your console out of rest mode and back on Immediately into the game, skip the time required for a cold boot.But in some cases, to elden ring Players, autosave does not start.

at Blog postPublisher Bandai Namco addressed the issue, writing: “We are aware of the cause of this issue and are working on a patch to correct it, but until a patch is released, please save your game manually by quitting the game regularly.” You can do this by pressing the “End Game” option from elden ringMenu within the game. The blog post also addressed issues with elden ringPerformance on PCincluding frame rate hiccups and abnormally high mouse sensitivity, and he says a correction is on for those as well.

Keep in mind that the blog post doesn’t detail the “why” of data saving issues on the PS5, nor does it provide a timeline for when a fix might be rolled out. Bandai Namco’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

elden ring Not the first PS5 game to be released with console rest mode issues. Last spring, Housemarque back, a relentlessly challenging roguelike about the musical talents of Blue Öyster Cult, was launched with no way to suspend the run. If you want to shut down – which can easily last for hours – and do something else, you only have one solution, released directly from the developer: put the console to rest.

That sounds easy enough, right? But when Housemarque rolled out an update overnight soon after backlaunch, some players – some of them were in the middle of the All-Star rounds and they could have definitely won, Thank you so much– who kept back In rest position, as directed, Woke up to lost data. In October, as part of backSplashy Update 2.0Housemarque has added an official “game suspension” option.

That saying is true: no rest for the bad guys (the cool PS5s owners).

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