December 3, 2022


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Donald Trump faced the dreaded label of “failure.”

On the night of the US election on November 8th, a little music arose. Some cautioned notes, apparent flights in the days that followed, among elected officials or Republican commentators bemused by the missed opportunity to sweep Congress in the midterm elections. Mid-term elections in 2018, presidential elections in 2020, mid-term elections in 2022. Donald Trump’s electoral record has dragged the Republican Party into the abyss, creating conspiratorial and extremist positions that look more and more like a text of defeat.

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He is one “Major Obstacle to Republic Revival”Written in The New York Times American Enterprise Institute conservative think tank Matthew Continetti. In particular, the continuation of legal proceedings initiated against the former president promises a rich history in the coming months and will be toxic for the Grand Old Party.

But the announcement of its result will be urgent. Donald Trump refuses to face these criticisms, firmly in his grip on the Republican base, from a primary perspective. He is struggling to protect his balance sheet in these midterms, while many criticize him for not using any of his war chest (funds raised for the event) to support Republicans fighting important battles at the state level.

He is proud to have endorsed more than 330 candidates this election cycle. This figure shows that he has gone all out to support or endorse radical candidates labeled MAGA (Make America Great Again) who deny the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Failures.

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Fatigue and calculation

“Trump is the biggest failure of the Republican Party”finished Wall Street Journal In its editorial the day after the election. “Failure”. Everything, but not this word. Normally, Donald Trump is indifferent to criticism and welcomes a little publicity as long as it stays within the debate. But “failure” – “Failure” – a grenade thrown into the heart of his identity, a story that has been imagined and worked for decades: a successful entrepreneur, who sacrificed his well-being for the sake of the American people, today is ready again. Self-sacrifice. It’s also a story about an outsider shaking up the inner circle of the elite, throwing off everything in his path with the irresistible force of the conquerors. “failure”It’s not just a damaged reputation: it’s a crumbling marquee.

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