June 5, 2023


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Disney + working on ‘Daredevil’ series

Amrita Khalid

reckless Fans who were disappointed when Netflix shut down the popular show after three seasons now have something to look forward to. Disney+ is moving ahead with production of its own series about blind lawyer-turned-superhero Matt Murdock, diverse. The streaming service has signed co-writers Matt Corman and Chris Ord to write and perform the series. Corman and Ord As a participant in the NBC military drama show the braveThe duo also created a spy drama Secret Affairs.

reckless They are only the latest of a slew of MCU titles to have been revived on Disney+ as shows, starting last year. WandaVision. Since then, the player has released six more Marvel shows, including hookAnd moon knight And loki, With To follow this year. Meanwhile, the entire lineup of Netflix shows based on Marvel characters has left the streaming platform library forever .

The reckless Disney+ show is still in its early stages – diverse He notes that Marvel has not yet announced anything officially. Charlie Cox, who played the main character in the Netflix series, is back in his old role this year Vincent Donofrio re-acted reckless The role of Kingpin in Disney hook. Both actors looked About Disney+ reviving the series, but there’s no telling if they’ll return for the new series.

In an interview with Marvel News BureauD’Onofrio shed some light on the sudden cancellation of the Netflix show, which shocked many of his fans. The actor said the show’s departure in 2018 was likely related to Marvel paving the way for Disney’s streaming service. “You know, around the same time the #SaveDaredevil group was going up, we started to figure out why this was happening and so we understood what Marvel was doing because of the emergence of Disney+.”

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