March 21, 2023


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Demonstrators face determination

Dams were set up at several locations on the Saint-Martin Road network this Friday morning. Hospital unions are campaigning against the vaccine duty, while members of the population are protesting against the vaccine pass … and the demand is a means of nurturing their surroundings.

Thus began the day of the inhabitants of Saint-Martin, this Friday, October 22, 2021.
The main blocked axis is the Sandy Ground Bridge. Other roads in the Quartier d’Orleans or Acrement Roundabout were quickly cleared by police.

The outrageous movement, especially in the wake of the failure of the debate, yesterday, revolved around the use of the vaccine duty of caregivers and hospital staff in the province. “Louis Constant Fleming“.

At the hospital level, out of 400, we still have 99 contract workers. There are some who have already said that their contract will not be renewed. We already have suspended administrative and supervisory staff. We are already on 9 suspensions.

Christine Galbert, striking operating room nurse

Civil society is also protesting against the health pass. Its demands are also social.

Today, we are demonstrating to ask the province and state to invest more in the Sandy Ground district. Therefore, we ask for 10 million euros to develop the Sandy Ground district. We are protesting against the health pass.

Sandy Ground activist in Saint-Martin

The reaction of Saint-Bartholomew and Saint-Martin to these disorders was unquestionable: a strong Gendermary device was used and administrator Serge Couturen sent a message to the protesters.

The petty tyrants, the manipulators, try to manipulate the island, creating chaos and with the sole aim of imposing their law (strong, kidnappers, street), they happily trample on the identity of this land of Saint-Martin, in defiance of the reason they claim to protect. Where is the friendly island? Others behave like spoiled children, to whom everything is due, with the same will, to bend politics and insult them. However, my door is always open.

Serge Cateran, Lord of Saint-Bartholomew and Saint-Martin

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