February 9, 2023


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Demar Hamlin was transferred from a hospital in Cincinnati to Buffalo

Demar Hamlin was transferred from a hospital in Cincinnati to Buffalo

Hamlin devastationa Buffalo Bills safety who collapsed on the field Jan. 2 during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, was released from the intensive care unit at a Cincinnati hospital Monday and returned to Buffalo, doctors who cared for him at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center announced during a news conference.

Hamlin, 24, has continued to improve since he went into cardiac arrest on the court last week. He was transported to Buffalo General Medical Center/Gates Vascular Institute for ongoing care. Doctors in Cincinnati said Hamlin was elevated from critical condition Monday morning and met several other requirements for transfer, including no longer needing intensive nursing care or intensive respiratory therapy.

William Knight IV, an emergency medicine physician who helped care for Hamlin at the College of Pediatrics, and is authorized by Hamlin’s family to give updates on his condition, said Dr. William Knight IV. “We’re happy for who he is today. He’s up-and-coming, he’s cruising around, he has a real, amazing sense of humor.”

Hamlin The breathing tube has been removed On Friday he walked with help the same day. On Sunday, watch the Bills beat the New England Patriots. Doctors joked that Hamlin “raised every alarm in the ICU” when he excitedly jumped up and down in response to the Bills’ return for the opening kickoff for a touchdown.

Recovering from a life-threatening event like the one Hamlin witnessed usually takes weeks to months, said Dr. Timothy Britts, a trauma surgeon who was also part of the care team in Hamlin at the University of California School of Medicine. Fast Track”, which meant that his progression was slightly ahead of expected at every stage.

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Doctors said Hamlin will still require various types of treatment and care from specialists, as he regains strength and continues to recover from a three-day intubation. They refused to speculate on how far Hamlin would not return to a normal life and said any discussion about whether he could play football again would be “important in the future”.

Bills coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Bean visited Hamlin on Monday afternoon after returning to Buffalo.

Hamlin will continue to undergo tests and evaluations to determine the cause of his medical emergency. Dr. Brits said it was still “too early” to comment on that. The next steps in Hamlin’s care, including when he can go home and whether he’ll be able to attend a Bills game this season, will be determined by doctors in Buffalo.

“We wouldn’t necessarily call this a miracle,” Knight said. “Is it cool? at all. But it was a textbook of resuscitation on behalf of our team that allowed Damar to get a predictable result when a bystander has a CPR and defibrillator.”