November 30, 2022


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DC’s Man of Steel 2, new Batman movies potentially on the way

DC's Man of Steel 2, new Batman movies potentially on the way

Pattinson as Batman and Cavill as Superman

picture: Warner Bros.

Nobody knows for sure what The future of DC will still be on the big screenbut two of its most famous stars will be front and center: Batman and Superman, as well as the realms of both the character.

The Hollywood Reporter He has a great new story diving behind the scenes in the capital, with news on everything from this week black Adam For possible new films by James Gunn. However, two notable revelations are that a new superman movie Starring Henry Cavill in a very early stage of development with Warner Brothers – and that Matt Reeves isn’t just a sequel to BatmanHe’s looking to make additional movies based on some of his villains.

Let’s take those one at a time. The idea of ​​Henry Cavill returning as Superman seems to have been everywhere over the past few weeks, with black Adam Actor Dwayne Johnson has highly hinted that the character could have a cameo in his movie. If this is indeed true (which fans will find out Later this week), the appearance of a possible cameo marks the character’s official return; As a result, the next step is a new movie. Whether it is responsible man of steel 2 Or something to do with black Adam, time will tell. But io9 has heard the reports are accurate here and the book is currently being searched for for a new Superman movie. (This is independent of The movie Ta-Nehisi Coates Supermanwhich, if it occurs, is likely to exist outside the continuum a la joker, According to the report.)

As for the BatmanIt’s already been confirmed and made official that Matt Reeves is making a sequel for it, and it’s also in full force in the future. The Penguin Show for HBO Max. But this new report says more shows and yes, movies, are in “very early stages of pregnancy” set in the Robert Pattinson Bate universe. The examples given by the trade are “characters ranging from Scarecrow to Clayface to Professor Pyg.” Will Batman be a part of those? Will they even happen? Again, nothing official, but it is possible.

After completing the Big Three in D.C., it appears that Patti Jenkins is ready to send a “script” (a Hollywood term for less than screenplay, but more than processing) amazing woman 3 coming soon, which is the first update for this movie in a while. Plus a script Sparkle 2 already completed, if this movie was a success.

head for RIt’s the Hollywood Reporter Read more and we will have more soon.

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