March 21, 2023


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Crisis in Ukraine: MEPs will go there to remove the “gun from the head” of Ukrainians

Guest At franceinfo on Saturday, January 29, Nathalie Loiseau, chair of the “Security and Defense” subcommittee, noted that the MEP LREM will travel to Ukraine with the EU Foreign Commission from January 30 to February 2.

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“We are determined to bring the message of unity to the Ukrainians and the message of unity from the Europeans.”, explained by franceinfo Nathalie Loiseau. MEP LREM estimates that the current crisis “Seriously, it’s serious, more than 100,000 Russian soldiers have gathered on the border with Ukraine., She continued.

The European Parliament delegation plans to conduct interviews “Official and unofficial”, But “Domain Visit” For Ukrainian public opinion, “Facing the leak of misinformation of Russian descent”.

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This is according to Natalie Loisho, “I know [aux Ukrainiens] We are on their side, the EU may split in peacetime, but we show them by our presence that it finds itself united in crises. “” The Ukrainians said it well, they do not want expansion. , They want those who can help find a way back to diplomacy, they can get back the way to peace, we’re here to help. “, Added MEP.

“Conversation, yes, show your determination”, She summed up, believing it was necessary “Assurance to EU countries on the border with Ukraine who are legally concerned”. “We are fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and can carry out our mission without difficulty.”, Said Nathalie Loiseau. “We are ready for unprecedented sanctions to make Vladimir Putin think.”, She finished.

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