October 5, 2022


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Crimea, a new strategic role in the war with Russia

This time, it’s a certainty: The Crimean peninsula, annexed by Moscow in 2014, has been out of the fray since Russia launched its offensive in Ukraine on February 24, and is in the military’s sights from Kiev. After the first attack on August 9 at the Saky military airfield in the west of the peninsula, Violent outbursts KULUKI, Tuesday, August 16, a Russian base established in the Zhankoy district in the northeast of the region, which was forcibly annexed to the Russian Federation eight years ago.

According to pictures posted on social networks, a large ammunition depot exploded early in the morning in the village of Ma├»skoye, causing several hundreds of meters of damage around. According to Sergue├» Axionov, governor of the “Republic of Crimea”, the attack injured two people and forced authorities to evacuate more than 3,000 people. A railway line serving the peninsula from Russia, located nearby, was damaged and passenger and freight traffic was disrupted.

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While they denied the Ukrainian attack on the Chaki airbase, insisting it was an accidental fire, the Russians attributed the explosion to a Zhankoy ammunition depot. “A Subversive Act”Without giving further details. “Necessary measures are being taken to remove the effects of vandalism”, the Russian Defense Ministry said, citing damaged railway lines and electrical installations. For its part, Kyiv confirmed the explosion but did not claim responsibility for the operation.

Theoretically, for ten days the targeted sites in Crimea are out of reach of the Ukrainian army. Chaki Air Base and Jankoi Depot are both located 200 kilometers from the front. A far cry from the US-supplied Himars multiple rocket launchers, which were supplied with projectiles of no more than 80 kilometers. Washington reiterated that it is not giving Ukraine ATACMS ballistic missiles with a theoretical range of 300 kilometers to avoid escalating the risk with Moscow.

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“Crimea, most important logistical hub for Russians”

If the hypothesis of attacks by drones or infiltrating special forces does not appeal to experts, Ukrainian-made missiles are favored by a segment of the military community that has been “raised” by allies. Some indicate that “Two or three jugs” Produced by Yuzhnoi Design Office, a Ukrainian aerospace manufacturer, it is capable of firing ballistic missiles with “friendly” guidance systems.

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