March 21, 2023


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Covid-19: The WHO is closely monitoring the subtype of delta variation

Infection – The World Health Organization announced Wednesday that it is studying the AY.4.2 sequence of the delta variant of the corona virus, which is high in covid-19 contaminants.

Sub Variation of Delta Variation in WHO View. The World Health Organization announced on Wednesday, October 27, to closely monitor the epidemic of the AY.4.2 line of delta variation. The latter is the highest of the increasing Covit-19 pollutants in Europe.

“There has been an increase in the exchange of the AY.4.2 series since July“, The WHO mentioned the infection in its weekly update. Indeed, there are three additional mutations in this line compared to the original variant of the delta, two of which are spike protein – part of the virus that adheres to human cells.

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Corona virus: an earthquake that shakes the earth

The AY.4.2 series has been uploaded to the GISAID Global Database from 43 countries. In detail, 93% came from the UK, where there has been a gradual increase in the rate of new cases: this tax is 5.9% of all delta variation cases reported in the UK for the week beginning October 3rd.

“Studies are underway”

The risk of this new mutation must be identified. “Epidemiological and laboratory studies are ongoing” According to the WHO, to establish whether AY.4.2 is highly contagious or weakens antibodies. If research confirms that the transfer rate of this variant is high, it may change primarily. This will replace the delta variant that has previously obscured previous strains of SARS-Cowie-2. However, this does not mean that the fifth wave is stable.

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The Govt-19 epidemic has killed more than 4.96 million people since the virus was first detected in China in late 2019, according to an AFP report established from official sources. In total, more than 244 million cases have been identified. Last week, the number of new cases was 4% higher than the previous week, with 2.9 million new infections registered. Europe, the only region in the world, reported an increase. The total death toll has risen by 5% to more than 49,000.

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