March 21, 2023


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Concerns are high about the Tongan Islands, which have been cut off from the world since the volcanic eruption

On Tuesday, January 18, there was uncertainty about the condition and extent of the damage in the Tonga Islands, four days after the eruption of the Honga Tonga-Hunga Ha’boi volcano, about 65 km off the uninhabited island of the South Pacific. Of Ngualoba, the capital of the archipelago. Information from this country, which is rarely inhabited by 100,000 people, will be covered with a layer of ash after the eruption, thanks to rare satellite phones.

The archipelago has lost telephone and internet connections, and the disaster has cut off an essential cable for its communications, which should not be repaired for weeks. And volcanic ash cloud prevents planes from landing.

“The worst thing is the cut and we know nothing,” I think., Said Filippo Modulalo, a Tongan journalist working in New Zealand on the Pacific Media Network. “No contact”, He added.

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Oil spill in Peru and two killed

The family of a 50 – year – old British man who was swept away by a tsunami in Tonga has been found dead after trying to rescue dogs from his shelter, his family told the BBC. He was the first recorded death in the country. Two women were swept away by strong waves following a volcanic eruption in Peru on Saturday. The South American country was hit by an oil spill on Saturday in the province of Kalao, not far from Lima.

One “Limited oil spill” The La Pambila refinery, owned by the Spanish company Repsol, said a tanker was killed at sea during a missile operation on Saturday off the coast of Peru in connection with a volcanic eruption in Tonga.

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The amount of the spilled oil was not specified, but officials said Monday that it was now a leak “Under control”. According to Environment Minister Ruben Ramirez, pollution is a concern “About 3 Kilometers” Closed beaches.

On January 17, 2022, oil was washed off the Peruvian coast of Galloway.

France also offers its assistance

New Zealand and Australia sent military spy planes on Monday, according to the neo-prime minister. “We know the immediate need for water”, Said.

Both countries have mobilized C-130 military transport aircraft, ready for parachute assistance there as soon as the gray cloud has dissipated or ready to land there if the runway level allows.

Like many countries, France, “Tonga Kingdom Neighbor” Through the foreign partnership of Wallis-and-Futuna, said “Ready to meet the most urgent needs of the people”, According to a press release.

The most powerful volcanic eruption in the world in recent decades, heard all over Alaska. It triggered a tsunami that inundated US beaches as far as Chile and Japan. Gray and acid rain hit much of the Pacific Ocean.

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“The scale of the disaster could be huge”

Australian Minister of International Development Zed Seselja said Australian police officers stationed in Tonga had dispatched the goods. “Rather anxious”. “Roads and some houses damaged significantly”, Most “One of the good news (…), No significant damage was done to the airport. “, Said the Minister.

“From the little information we have, the magnitude of the disaster could be huge, especially for the most isolated islands.”Katie Greenwood of the International Committee of the Red Cross said.

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The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has expressed concern over the discovery of surveillance aircraft to the two islands of Mango and Phonoi. “Significant property damage” Following the eruption on Saturday.

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