June 5, 2023


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Cold Case: The Zodiac, the American serial killer has finally been identified, investigators say

Experts say they have identified the astrological killer as one of America’s best serial killers who terrorized the San Francisco area with a series of brutal killings in the late 1960s.

Gas breakers, More than 40 former law enforcement investigators, journalists and military intelligence officials, who have worked on the disappearance of former union boss Jimmy Hofa and other cases that remain unresolved, say they have uncovered the mystery of the identity of the zodiac killer.

According to case breakers Gary Francis is hiding behind the post zodiac. The latter … died in 2018. During the team’s many years of excavations new forensic evidence and photographs of Gary Francis Poste’s dark room were found.

Understanding the letters sent by Zodiac included other murders, which revealed him to be the killer, said Jen Bouchalds, a former military counter-intelligence agent working on “cold cases”. “So you need to know Carrie’s full name to understand these anagrams,” Bouchals said. “I don’t think there’s any other way for anyone to find out.”

The sixth murder sign was signed

Zodiac killer was involved in five murders in the San Francisco area between 1968 and 1969. He said he killed 37 people. Unlike most serial killers, the zodiac teases officials with complex numbers in letters sent to newspapers and law enforcement. The murders produced books, movies and documentaries in the following years, and both amateur and professional detectives saw the case as an attempt to disguise the killer.

Even when worn Connected Gary Francis Post for another unsolved murder. On October 31, 1966, hundreds of miles south of the San Francisco area on Riverside, California, two years before the first zodiac-related assassination, Cherry Joe Bates. Bates, 18, was found dead in an alley on Riverside City College campus when her father called police to say she was missing.

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The panel said a series of coincidences linked Bates and former Army veteran Boste. The paint-sprayed watch was recovered from the scene of the murder and is said to have been worn by the killer. Poste has been painting homes for more than four decades, the panel said. In addition, detectives found a heel print of a military-style opening that matched the same style and size found in other crime scenes from Zodiac and Post.

In 2020, a message from the zodiac was understood

The first confirmed zodiac killings were in December 1968 when a man and a woman were shot dead in a car in Phenicia, California. On July 4, 1969, another man and another woman were shot dead in Vallejo. Later that year, a couple were stabbed near the lake. The man survived despite multiple injuries.

In 2020, a team Understood 340 character encryption sent by the zodiac to the San Francisco Chronicle. At the time, the FBI was investigating. “I hope you will have a lot of fun catching me. … I’m not afraid of the gas chamber because when it’s enough for me now it will send me to heaven soon. Slaves to work for me,” it was written.

The killer used the code message printed on his letters.
MAXPPP – Atlas Press

A California woman and his wife, who live next door to Poste, told Fox News that they believed he was a zodiac killer after seeing evidence collected so far. Gwen, who refused to give his last name, and his wife had him as a child in the 1970s / 80s. He would teach her to shoot several times a week, but he was abusive and violent to his wife, he said.

“He lived a double life,” he said. “Thinking of old age, everything makes sense now. When I was younger, the two didn’t combine the two.”

A whistle blower has been hidden for 10 years

Hans Smith told Fox News that he hid the whistleblower for 10 years and escaped from a criminal “gang” led by the Post. The man, who was only referred to as The Case Breakers, told Smiths that the group was roaming the high Sierra region of California and “trained in a killing machine.”

In addition, Will Poste said he saw criminal weapons being buried in the woods, Smiths said. “They have set up several bear temporary reserves if something happens,” Smits said. Smiths said he provided Will, financial, logical and emotional support for many years and moved him for almost 10 years in an effort to protect him from the post. “I took him to the FBI office and put him on the train and sent him out of state,” Smiths said.

Fox News Vallejo contacted the police and the FBI and was unable to contact the relatives of Gary Francis Poste. The San Francisco Police Department has not been able to speak to any of the suspects in the Zodiac case because it is a series of investigations.