October 2, 2022


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Cobra movie review: confusing and complicated

Cobra Review: Confusing and Convoluted

Movie: Cobra
evaluation: 2/5
Zee Studios and R4 Entertainment
spit: Vikram, Srinidhi Shetty, Irrfan Khan, Roshan Mathew, Myrnalini Ravi, and others
Music: Abdulrahman
D.O.P.: Bhuvan Srinivasan, Harish Kanaan
editor: John Abraham
Written and directed by: Ajay Gnanamuthu
Release date: August 31, 2022

Vikram has yet to deliver a big hit after Shankar’s “I” song. But his films still look forward to his performance. “Cobra” is his latest movie to hit theaters.

Let’s find out its advantages and disadvantages.

a story:
The murder of a prince in Scotland on his wedding day in the church. Another high-ranking minister was killed in Orissa. No trace of the killer’s identity. Who carries out these assassinations?

As an Interpol agent (Irrfan Pathan) on his mission to solve the case, he obtains a file from Judith, a young mathematics student from India, proposing her theory called Cobra about these assassinations.

The agent comes to India. They soon discover that Vikram’s past is behind these killings. He is a genius in mathematics. The rest of the drama is to identify his reasons for these assassinations.

Artist Shows:
Vikram is an award winning national actor. He gave many memorable performances in his long career. But in recent times, he has become monotonous with his tendency to do various ups and downs. “Cobra” is no different. There is nothing unusual about it. Those who like him in the representation of the “Aparicitudu” genre, get their part in one scene. This is it.

The role of ‘KGF’ girl Srinidhi Shetty is poorly written. Her topic with Vikram is meaningless.

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Like Vikram, Sargano Khaled also plays two roles, the younger versions of Vikram. Mirnalini Ravi in ​​the flashback episode is OK.

Roshan Mathew plays a passive role but doesn’t make any impact. Cricketer Irrfan Pathan is impressive.

Technical Excellence:
The film is mounted to a luxurious scale. Rich production design. The cinematography and choreography are top notch. AR Rahman’s music is medium.

separator evolution
interrogation scene

incoherent text
illogical sequences
It’s 3 hours long

The movie “Cobra” begins with a series of assassinations that reveal how the killer skillfully executed them. Early scenes spark interest and intrigue as they occur in different countries. The athletic genius of its performance adds even more sophistication. Vikram plays this part that attracts us to the movie. The film initially had flashes of brilliance when it used mathematical theories to explain crimes and assassinations. Some ambitious ideas are also presented.

But it seems that the director is not satisfied with these ideas. It added complexity to the simple assassination story. Hallucinations, flashback stories, mother feelings, brother feelings, etc., are added as the story continues. Except for the “Dhoom 3” style clincher, it goes down after that.

The director seems to have forgotten what he wanted to say after a point. The three-hour film stretches in many directions but never reaches its original intended goal. The last hour is really ridiculous and illogical.

At first, we believed Vikram doing all these assassinations of a corporate guy. We don’t get an answer as to why the alleged villain (the owner of this corporate company) is doing what he’s doing. His true enmity or association with Vikram has not been proven. Lots of links have been lost in this choppy edit.

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Srindi Shetty and Vikram thread is another messy angle.

In short, “cobras” are intertwined and intertwined. The movie sparks interest right before the interval, but after that, it gets boring and becomes a complete bore.

minimum: silly